Update to Deadpool's Daily Quest! (2/21/17)

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Hey Everyone,

You might have noticed that there's a brand-spanking new update for Deadpool's Daily, with a brand-spanking new background to boot! (Yes. That's my work of art drawing. Isn't it beautiful?)

Now did it mean I had to sneak into Demiurge's office and force them to reveal all of this information? Maybe. But that's not important.

What IS important is that there is finally a new update for Deadpool's Daily Quest coming, and it's arriving tomorrow (2/22)! Gosh, I'm so excited! I can't wait to tell my buddy, Logan!

But first, time for a chimichanga. Deadp...I mean...Brigby out!
New Map!
The Deadpool’s Daily Quest event has gotten a new facelift!

Big Enchilada has Fewer Opponents
The Big Enchilada mission has been changed from a four-wave, twelve opponent mission to a one wave six opponent mission. Enemy levels have been decreased as well.

Crash of the Titans Mission Always Available
The Crash of the Titans mission will be available on the first day the new cycle of Deadpool’s Daily Quest starts. Once the mission is completed, it will be unavailable until the next cycle starts.

More Daily Progression Rewards
We have increased the number of daily progression rewards. Every day, completing all 1-Star, 2-Star and 3-Star missions will give you all progression rewards up to and including the 2,000 Iso-8 reward. Completing the daily 4-Star mission as well will give you an additional Taco Token. Finally, completing the Crash of the Titans mission will give you all progression rewards for that day.

Added a New Mission, “Behemoth Burrito”
The Behemoth Burrito mission is a brand new mission that gives you the opportunity to earn two Command Points every day! This mission requires a specific 2-Star character, a 3-Star character, and a 4-Star character.

The 4-Star required characters will follow the Crash of the Titans order (viewtopic.php?f=7&t=51073). The first 4-Star will be Sam Wilson (Captain America) on 2/22/2017.

Here is the current list of Missions: