Fate is Rarely Fair

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What an appropriate title for an event. I lost 3 of my first 9 matches on crazy cascades leading to Decimator. Oh, and my opponents did not cast a single vehicle in any of those 9 matches.

If you want to encourage a creature type, at least have us face off against the similar since, as PVP implies, we should be pitted against similar event decks. (Anyone who faces me, I apologize: I abandoned the vehicles and went back to my old decks. Just in it for progression rewards now. After 3 losses, my position on the leaderboard is laughable.)


  • wereotter
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    I'll admit, I'm not even trying to win the vehicle objective. So even if they are pairing you off against event registered decks, I know for a fact that many people in my coalition as well as myself aren't even running vehicles. They're a fun creature type sometimes, but not terribly effective, plus for this event with double damage after 5 turns, even if you are using vehicles, your opponent will be dead before you can summon a 5th one unless you run against an opponent with a large amount of removal, and with no black nodes, that's highly unlikely.
  • julianus
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    I'm a fairly new player, but this is the least appealing event I've seen yet. Summon 5 of a creature type in an enraged environment? And especially when there are few of that type and they're mostly fairly boring and underpowered? Not fun.

    I tried to get the summon 5 objective in my first try, and nearly lost going up against a no-vehicle deck, while also failing to get the objective. After that, I didn't even bother putting vehicles in my other decks. If they wanted to be thematic, they could have at least made it vehicle + pilots, or even do a Kaladesh card theme.

    This framework is just kind of boring, difficult in a frustrating (rather than entertaining) way, and not very strategic or tactical. I got three wins to get the first crystal reward, and I think that's it for me. I'll check in again tomorrow for the Inventor's Fair.
  • AettThorn
    Yup, I decided not to run vehicles either. I'd rather win the matches than try to get 5 vehicles out (after redoing three decks just to base them on vehicles). I just don't have any really good vehicles that I'd be willing to waste deck space on when I might get paired against an optimized deck (which I did for 8 out of the 9 fights). I'll keep my decks and win the matches, thankyouverymuch.
  • Delnai
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    I agree. This is the first event I've played that I feel really missed the mark. Playing 5 of anything in an enraged environment where you're trying to fend off Olivias from unvehicled decks is super annoying and really not fun at all.
  • KragHavok
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    What is kind of amazing is that they reduced the number of werewolves and vampires from the earlier events to 2 to make them more achievable and then completely forgot the lesson learned for this event.
  • Monkeynutts
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    The problem with the werewolf one is it makes Arlin useless as her creating qerewolves doesnt trigger.

    5 Vehicles is ok, but the deck u face must be comparable. pure olivia, ulrich decks make it imposaible to win if ur teying to hit 5 vehicles.
  • Zustel1
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    I can only agree to that. Almost all vehicles are expensive creatures with Crew-ability and high stats. If you are lucky enough to win with a vehicle deck you have killed your opponent because of the enraged battles. If I have Skysovereign, Peacewalker Colossus and Fleetwheel Cruiser or Scrapheap Scrounger out after turn 5 I kill every opponent in 2 turns. No chance to summon 5 vehicles and have a competitive deck.