**** Agent Coulson (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) ****



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    Coulson and Patch are eating Kaecilius alive right now.
  • DrDevilDinosaur
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    For Strange Sights, if you have Ant-Man, then I don't think that either Team-up AP or shutting down Carol's countdown is a big problem. Ant-man is so good at spamming countdowns that things get out of hand quickly (as the discussion from September. And, he's boosted, so if you have them both champed, it's pretty hard to beat even if it takes a little to get going.

    I think that Coulson would play well in the 5E node with 5Bit, although since my 5Bit is 2/0/0 I don't get best use out of him, and Coulson/Antman/5Bit still mostly works (although the node with Kingpin is much worse than the other 2 5E nodes).
    I used Gambit(3/1/3) / Coulson / Moonknight almost exclusively in this run of Strange Sights. This gave me full rainbow actives, and once it got started I had great AP acceleration plus I could regularly keep the enemy team completely drained of AP. While both of MKs actives were useful, he could easily be replaced if a different Black/Green user was boosted.
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    I play Coulson/Gamora/C4rol in Simulator and I have won every single game I've played very easily except for one, which was because it took me waaaaay too long to get 6 blue ap against Grocket/Medusa.

    But the gist is, get 6 blue ap then win. Gamora will stun two characters, generating two special tiles, and a countdown tile (sit down, Medusa). Next turn Coulson's countdown goes off doing the damage, generating the AP, and pumping up both of the tiles. Everything snowballs from there, with Coulson generating more and more AP, Carol pumping the tiles higher and higher, and Carol can cycle quickly through Coulson tiles by firing one and generating another, gaining AP and pumping tiles even faster. I haven't played against a Silver Surfer yet because his immunity to stun would probably be very damaging to this team, but even Gambit can't do anything if he's stunned.

    I hardly took any damage with them per match until recently, now with the prevalence of Grocket teams even when I get super fast lockdowns I still take some damage from all the free strikes and have to use health packs.
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    Lol, I just tried that team because it sounded cool in Simulator, and it did not go well for me. I think i must have gotten a bad board; the synergy is obvious on paper but this 4ocket/Medusa/G4mora team was having none of it lol.
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    Ive tried this combo for a few sim matches too with good results - but not against a grocket/medusa/gamora team