Mind Gem Season Character Updates *Updated (2/6/17)



  • Ythik
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    I think some minor tweaks to Mr F's powers would make him solidly middle tier or give him a niche without changing him from the support character you seem to envision him as.

    For Flexibility, I'd like to see the tile swapping be able to target enemy special tiles at higher covers. This would give him an added layer of board control that could be useful against the right enemies. Just the ability to overwrite enemy specials elevates a lot of people to a decent level.

    For Master of the Fantastic, I'd like to see the team heal happen whenever friendly special tiles are matched, regardless of who matches them. This would let you sacrifice your own specials with Flexibility to proc your own heal if you needed it. Then I'd like to see the AP generation be shifted from a team-based synergy (which is hugely limiting for any character) to happening when the enemy team matches friendly special tiles. I also think it'd be more interesting and self-sufficient if it gave Blue AP. Basically if enemies matched away your Protects from Flexibility, they'd be powering you to use it again.

    For Imaginaut, I think you could make Mr. F a solid character this tier by adding some additional AP generation and making him a Red/Green/Yellow battery in four star land. Keep or slightly reduce the damage as is, but also make matches in those colors generate an additional 1-2 AP in that color. This would help encourage synergy with his FF teammates (because he's acting as a solid AP battery in their colors) but without the mandated teaming thus allowing him to work better with a wider variety of characters as well.
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    Polares wrote:

    Then, what is the problem with another chracter that is blackflag.pngblueflag.pngpurpleflag.png ? How many blueflag.pngredflag.pngyellowflag.png do we have? Or greenflag.pngpurpleflag.png something? .
    I never said it was a problem, only going on how these developers operate, they don't make spontaneous changes on the fly, so its not likely to happen, look how long it took to make any change to mr fantastic. It was only a small change. Any further changes would not be for a long time (just a hunch). Not to bring it up again, but if you read my other post I clearly said I forgot about his yellow.
  • mpqr7
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    The changes are live! They look good. I hope to have more reasons to use these characters. Thanks for working on this.
  • iron-n-wine
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    Note theres a bug with Falcon's blue now not working at all in the Bugs & Defects section
  • Brigby
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    Note theres a bug with Falcon's blue now not working at all in the Bugs & Defects section
    Yes. I've posted in that thread already, stating that the developer's are aware of it and investigating. Thanks for the heads up icon_e_smile.gif
  • iron-n-wine
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    Yeah, sorry Brigby - that was aimed more at others that may not be aware of the issue than yourself
  • zodiac339
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    Balance of power was a good time for this. At same level, Falcon does higher AOE than She Hulk for the same cost. No board shake, but I'm fine putting up a wall. I guess the damage was put on purple so people wouldn't just keep it at 5/5/3. And with the bug, 5/3/5 is obvious.
  • DFiPL
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    I don't actually mind the new specs on Mr. Fantastic. But for a character I basically use when essential and when he's Crashing, it's hard to pass up the 3000 HP for selling him back. Think I'm going to do that and then just rebuild him. Yeah, it means he probably won't win his Crash the next time around, but...that's 3 additional roster spots. Hm.
  • Belarin
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    Redwing is no longer targeting any countdown tiles after testing it on 3 play throughs. Someone should fix that.....
  • firethorne
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    Belarin wrote:
    Redwing is no longer targeting any countdown tiles after testing it on 3 play throughs. Someone should fix that.....

    [Devs Aware]