AER Events (Play Vehicles vs. Cast)

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I was hoping the devs could expound upon the word choice they used for the event secondary objectives where they say to "Play" 5 vehicles in a single game.

The recent change to event objectives requires that we actually cast things from the hand and summoning via PW abilities or Deploy etc. don't count. The word choice of "Play" vs. "Cast" makes this ambiguous.

Could we get clarification on whether or not we have to cast these vehicles as per other events or do they just need to "enter the battlefield"?

Thank you in advance.


  • Shadoze
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    We have had this discussion in our coalition and have found that everything for events must currently be done by mana casting cards. Revive, summon, even PW skills don't seem to count towards event secondary goals. If this is intended or accidental has not been clarified to my knowledge.

    If Alve could find out for us it would be very helpful and appreciated.
  • Mainloop25
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    This was actually explained in one of the development threads, or update announcement threads that they changed this to deal with the "cast <x" PVP objectives that kept getting screwed by your creatures being frogged/moon'ed and having it count against your objectives.

    Use it to your advantage, as now casting tokens won't count against your "cast <x" objectives in events anymore. Great for Kiora.
  • madwren
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    Did they specifically say that objectives using the word "play" instead of "summon" or "cast" would mean it had to come from your hand?

    I don't remember seeing that.
  • bk1234
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    Only the cast / summon distinction was made --

    No one has explained what "play" means.
  • madwren
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    We have our answer, as the in-game objectives state "summon".