**** Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) ****

firethornefirethorne Posts: 1,499 Chairperson of the Boards

blackflag.pngBad Luck - Black - Passive
The Black Cat has the psionic ability to affect probability fields; essentially, she can produce "bad luck" for her enemies. She is subconsciously able to cause anyone in her immediate vicinity that she perceives as a threat to be susceptible to freak accidents.
Whenever her team makes a black match, Black Cat adds a 2 turn countdown to the board. Upon resolution, 3 tiles of the enemy’s strongest color are converted to the enemy’s weakest color.
    Lvl 2: 6 tiles of the enemy’s strongest color are converted. Lvl 3: 1 turn countdown Lvl 4: 9 tiles of the enemy’s strongest color are converted. Lvl 5: all tiles of the enemy’s strongest color are converted.

redflag.pngAlways Land on Your Feet - Red - 9 AP
The Black Cat has outstanding reflexes, agility, and stamina. She is ready to pounce. And like a cat, she is known for always landing on her feet, ready to face her assailants. The Black Cat goes airborne for one turn.

(Passive) Whenever The Black Cat returns from an airborne condition, does 1000 (1500 at max level) damage to the target.
    Lvl 2: 1500 (2000 at max level) damage Lvl 3: 2000 (2500 at max level) damage Lvl 4: 2500 (3000 at max level) damage Lvl 5: 4000 (5500 at max level) damage

purpleflag.pngMaster Thief - Purple - 6 AP
The world’s slyest, smartest and sneakiest thief plans her next heist. Place a 4 turn countdown on a selected basic tile. Upon resolution, drains the enemy of 3 AP of this color, and generates 3 for her own team.
    Lvl 2: Drains / Generates 5 AP of this color Lvl 3: Drains / Generates 7 AP of this color Lvl 4: 3 turn countdown Lvl 5: Drains all / Generates all stolen, or 7 (whichever is greater) AP of this color


  • ErikPeterErikPeter Posts: 718 Critical Contributor
    Looks great. Super strong AP gain in the color of your choice (but on a countdown which is vulnerable)? Weird Airborne synergy? Crazy bad luck? Sounds cool. I think Bad Luck is a bit too strong for a desaturator, but who knows. It's fun counterplay for the player--don't match black! Aah! Also it's not a bad power to just leave at 3 ranks so you can max the other two.
  • firethornefirethorne Posts: 1,499 Chairperson of the Boards
    Thanks! I wanted to come up with a character that could be a threat without having the threat be simple raw damage output. One of the most dangerous things besides an enemy nuke is a bad board. That's what Bad Luck is all about. Make the match difficult for the opponent, especially if they don't have a rainbow team.

    The attack is inspired by a pounce. She can launch herself, but keeping the damage as a passive effect opens up some interesting avenues. She'll be more of a pain, being able to strike back against a few things, akin to the new 5* Panther. Characters like Riri an Nova will have to make more strategic moves. And Gwenpool needs a buddy. Synergy!

    Finally, a thief needs a steal. It's a bit stronger than something like Red Hulk's, being able to select a color, but yes, balanced as it is not instant, but on a countdown, and thus preventable.
  • BrownCoat888BrownCoat888 Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    I really like the look of this, I think she would be an awesome addition to the game and the powers you put here are fairly solid
  • mdreyer93mdreyer93 Posts: 87 Match Maker
    This needs to happen
  • SpecSpecterSpecSpecter Posts: 182 Tile Toppler
    FOr a 4* character I kind of feel like her red should do more as it gets progressed other then just increase the damage of the passive part. Maybe on higher levels it also creates strike tiles (the claws come out...) or maybe even just something as simple as the cost of the ability getting cheaper as it gets higher in level because 9 ap is a bit expensive for a skill that essentially does nothing but set up the conditions where a passive ability will activate.
  • firethornefirethorne Posts: 1,499 Chairperson of the Boards
    In the game! And even with some of the airborne synergy.    :)
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