Making Defense Smarter

Currently, the AI is not very smart when matching gems. Defense would be much stronger if we could choose our defending team, and prioritize the skills that the AI should focus on using. Or if we could prioritize which gem colors to match first.

Have an option to rank the colors we want to AI to match first:
(1) red
(2) yellow
(3) green
(4) blue
(5) environmental
(6) black
(7) purple

We can rank the colors based on the skills of our defense team.


  • +1 to the idea to allow us to choose our defending team
  • You do choose your defending team. It's whatever you attacked with.

    Oh, your attack team was full of glass cannons and doesn't defend well (ignoring the **** AI)? Yeah, well, that's something you should rethink.
  • Dormammu
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    Give up on defense, there are too many factors working against you.

    1) The attacker gets 3 tries, and damage to your characters remain for the 2nd and 3rd try.

    2) The attacker can use boosts.

    3) The attacker can choose who he or she is attacking on your team, and put them in front.

    4) The attacker goes first.

    5) The attacker is (hopefully) smarter than the AI, even if you could tell the AI what colors to prioritize.

    6) The attacker can skip until they find a matchup ideal to them (you). As a defender, you have no power over who attacks you.

    (Your only real defense is scaring potential attackers away from your team. I suggest Daken; nobody seems to want to fight against his unstoppable passive messages.)
  • that idea of just starting game and attak attack attk is the thing that i dont like, there should be some sort of defense , whats the point of having a 100+lvl team that loses ?
  • Most likely the developers attempted to implement a synchronous Multiplayer/PvP mode but due to obstacles encountered along the way they opted for an asynchronous PvP mode.

    I do believe that the current defence system implemented is more than satisfactory. There is no reason to complain about the defence system having in mind that each and every one of you managed to beat other high level players with somewhat ease and thus accumulated points and rewards.

    Imagine an improved defence system where casual players stand absolutely no chance in front of players that bought ISO and HP and maxed their characters. Furthermore, casual players would become frustrated that they cannot progress and win rewards and thus deem the game as Pay to Win.

    Of course, there are improvements to be made, specifically to the AI. Once the AI is improved, these complaints would most likely vanish and others will appear. But, once the AI will start making matches out of its reach at the moment (H-pattern, L-pattern etc.) you would see significant changes in the core gameplay.

    Even the slightest changes made to the mechanics present in the game would alter it significantly and this is not an easy decision to be made having in mind that the so-called meta can change at a glance.

    Changed mechanics result in changed gameplay which in turn will influence the heroes used, the amount of money spent by each player and so forth.