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I have mpq app on my Iphone 5s. I recently started another mpq game on my pc through steam. Im using the same Email for both games. So far it hasn't messed up my Iphone game. Is this ok to do? And will it reset my main game on iphone eventually?
How can I backup my main game incase something does happen?


  • This prolly better fits the tech help forums.

    It's fine afaik to have multiple accounts. I know numerous people that have done so. I particularly wouldn't find it worthwhile though as it's hard enough to keep up with just one.

    You can backup your game via facebook on the ios version. Steam version, I'm not sure if it's possible other than to backup the local saves on your own (I can't remember where they are, either steamapps or somewhere in users).
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    Steam version of the game doesn't interfere with mobile versions. Mobile MPQ saves the game state via Facebook, and Steam MPQ utilizes Steam Cloud. You're safe to play both accounts separately.
  • I run two games fine, one on my Android and one on my PC. Been doing so for over a month now, no problems. icon_e_smile.gif