Civil War Returns! - 2017 Event Details *Updated

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Hey Everyone,

At 12:00 pm EST on February 2nd, we will be running the Civil War Boss Story event again. Below is the current plan for Powered-Up Characters, rewards and upcoming stores!





*New Update*

Civil War Stores
    Team Cap and Team Iron Man Vaults
      80 covers
      1 Legendary Token
      1 Required Character cover
      2 random 4-Star covers
      3 Required 3-Star covers
      19 random 3-Star covers
      10 required 2-Star covers
      44 Random 2-Star covers
        Civil War - Hail to the King Legendary Store
          10% chance for a Black Panther (Civil War) cover 90% chance at all 4-Stars Additional Tokens can be purchased for 25 Command Points
          Civil War Limited Vault
            40 items
            1 Hail to the King Legendary token
            1 random 4-Star cover
            3 Iron Man (Model 40) covers (one of each)
            3 Steve Rogers (Super Soldier) covers (one of each)
            3 Heroic tokens
            4x 2500 Iso-8
            6x 1000 Iso-8
            5x 500 Iso-8
            14 Random 2-Star covers
            Legendary Store
              Starting with Black Panther (Civil War), there will be a two week delay before new 5-Stars are added to Latest Legends packs after their release event.