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    This guide puts center stage the new planeswalker Nissa, Vital Force with a new support Dynavolt Tower.

    This deck is also designed to be a general usage deck.
    It is designed on a couple basic premise:
    1) Generate mana and loyalty through constantly creating matches.
    2) Generate Overload constantly because it generates a LOT of Energized gems and matches.
    3) The principles within can be applied to just about any Overload 2 or Overload 3 card if you want to try those instead of Dynavolt Tower.

    Because of the makeup of the deck it takes a couple turns to get started, but then it is a machine.

    Deck & Guide
    Now, I realize that many of you may not have the Dynavolt Tower, but this guide is meant to be informative and educational, as well as providing many uses for a Nissa, Vital Force deck.

    I am focusing on the Dynavolt Tower here as I believe it gives a VERY strong way to achieve victory without relying on pummelling your opponent with creatures.

    But, in testing, this deck has proven to be brutally effective even without the Dynavolt Tower, as it does energize the board, creates mana matches and allows you to race to Nissa’s 3rd power, Aether Inspiration. Once the 3rd power is unleashed, then the game is probably over as you should have at least 15-20 energized tokens on the board.

    Dynavolt Tower (8) - This support takes center stage in this deck. The deck is designed to generate Energized gems and then cascade them multiple times during the course of a turn, each Overload causing 5 damage. Repeat this process and there is no way to block the damage.

    Note: I realize with the new Aether Revolt set, there are a few other cards out there that do great things on an Overload 3. This deck would work with just about any of those as well! It will generate those Overload 3 on a regular basis.

    Aetherworks Marvel (16) - This support is another fun, but not necessary card in this deck. It will give you more spells and cards to cast, and when almost all of your spells are creating more matches, then this keeps the cards coming.

    Zendikar Resurgent (14) - This support has 2 functions. First, it gives a card draw whenever you make a creature. We will be making lots of creatures, so this is a constant supply of cards. Second, it will generate an extra 2 mana on each match, so this will keep the engine going even longer.

    From Beyond (9) - This Eldrazi Scion token generator is useful for 2 reasons. First, you get some much needed blockers for reasonably cheap, and you get them every turn. Second, when the Eldrazi die, they give an instant boost of mana. This can help get some of the other larger cards out.

    Decoction Module (2) - This support energizes gems whenever you get a creature in play. As we have a number of ways to generate creatures and want energy, it is greatly handy.

    Architect of the Untamed (19) - This creature is actually one of the cornerstones of the deck along with the Dynavolt Tower. She helps to energize the board on every match, and also can create 6/6 Mechanical Beast tokens on Overload 2. Once this deck gets going, you should see token creatures popping out 2-3 every turn as you cascade into more Overload matches.

    Ulvenwald Hydra (14) - This creature is more here for the gem matching than for the obvious reality that he will become a huge creature quickly. Converting gems to green on play and every turn is big for this deck and creates more potential matches and Overloads.

    Animist’s Awakening (5) - This spell will help create matches on the board. If you can save this spell to when there are 8 green gems on the board, then all the better. Also, if you can follow this immediately with another gem conversion spell or card, then hopefully you can activate your Activation Gem right away instead of letting the AI blow it up before it activates.

    Sylvan Scrying (5) or Natural Connection (3) - Against a green opponent, use Natural Connection. Against any other opponent, use Sylvan Scrying.
    These are more spells that convert gems to Green to help keep making matches and accelerate our mana and loyalty gain.

    Scour from Existence (12) - Sometimes you just need to remove a pesky creature from the board. If you have it charged up, you could also zap your own Eldrazi Scion to generate mana for other cards.

    Play Guide:

    You will want to disable most of your cards at the beginning to build up to a major cascade.
    The most important cards to get out are Dynavolt Tower, Aetherworks Marvel and Architect of the Untamed. They all generate Energized tokens and start filling the board.

    Once you get this deck going, it will be near impossible to stop. You will be hopefully creating 3-4 Overload 1 or 2 matches every turn and putting new cards into play constantly. It’s a dizzying dance and a lot of fun to watch. Be prepared for a fun cascade of matches and lots of animation as your opponent gets decimated.

    I realize that everyone does not have every card, so let’s look at the options available to us.

    Hangerback Walker (25) - This creature combined with Decoction Module and Zendikar Resurgent would generate Thopter tokens, draw cards and create energy on each match. It should be strongly considered.

    Bristling Hydra (12) - This creature isn’t available just yet, but it would also work to energize more gems. Creating the matches w/ the Ulvenwald Hydra is more useful in this case.

    Ulrich of the Krallenhorde (18) - This creature is easily replaced with many other options. The best way to use Ulrich is to get him into play. You will be casting hopefully 2 or more spells every turn, so he will be on his human side often. If your opponent brings out a creature, then disable all of your spells for a turn, letting him flip over and kill your opponent’s creature. Also, at 8/8 and likely much more, he is a force to be reckoned with.

    Any other creature - To be honest though, creatures are not the star of this build. Any creatures would do. Consider Lashweed Lurker, Decimator of the Provinces, Conclave Naturalists or any of the creatures that generate Energized tokens.

    Attune with Aether (4) - This spell converts 2 gems to Green to make matches and accelerate our mana and loyalty gain. It has the side benefit of Energizing 2 Gems. Both of these help the deck.

    Natural Connection (3) or Swell of Growth (6) - Both of these spells convert 3 gems to green and can be subbed for the other spells above.

    Root Out (10), et al - There are many support removal spells, and any of them can help you remove a pesky support and control the board. I like Root Out because it also Investigates, giving a future card draw.

    Seasons Past (20) or Nissa’s Renewal (20) - Both of these cards are useful in that they generate a lot of mana and convert a lot of gems. In practice though, they ended up converting too many gems at once and removed a lot of energy without generating the Overloads and cascades that we want. But, both are strong cards, so I cannot fault you for wanting to use them.

    Rishkar’s Expertise (5) - This is a dream card for this deck. Obviously it would be in this deck for gem conversion if it were available.

    Supports: I would recommend looking at the following:
    Aetherflux Reservoir (8) - This support allows you to gain life and damage your opponent whenever you cast a spell, and that will be often. This one I had to think many times about. I wish I had another slot to throw this one in too.

    Fertile Thicket (2) - A support that converts gems to green. This is very useful in this deck and it also converts on casting too, so we can continue to cast it and gain benefit.

    Nissa’s Pilgrimage (3) - I know many green decks use this as a primary source of mana. This would be a welcome substitution for any of the supports above.

    Tamiyo's Journal (5) - More card draw is always a good thing. This one is cheap and would help kick-start the deck.

    Zendikar’s Roil (14) - This support would also give a constant stream of token creatures (on Landfall).

    Deadlock Trap (3) - This support disables the first creature on Overload 1. As we will have a lot of energy, this helps lock down your opponent’s creatures. This is a utility card and can be swapped as needed.

    Nissa, Vital Force
    Level 60 mana bonuses: +3 | +4 | +2 | |
    Level 60 HP: 109
    Level 60 max Creatures: 7 Spells: 4 Supports: 5

    1: Touch of Aether - cost: 9
    1 - Convert 1 gem to Green and Energize 1.
    2 - Convert 2 gems to Green and Energize 2.
    3 - Convert 3 gems to Green and Energize 3.
    4 - Convert 4 gems to Green and Energize 4.

    2: Draw Aether - cost: 15
    1 - Create a support with "When any player matches 3 or more Green gems, Energize 1."
    2 - Create a support with "When any player matches 3 or more Green gems, Energize 2."
    3 - Create a support with "When any player matches 3 or more Green gems, Energize 3."
    4 - Create a support with "When any player matches 3 or more Green gems, Energize 4."

    3: Aether Inspiration - cost: 24
    1 - Energize 5 and give each creature you control +X/+X until the end of your turn, where X is the number of Energized gems.
    2 - Energize 5 and give each creature you control +X/+X until the end of your turn, where X is the number of Energized gems times 2.
    3 - Energize 5 and give each creature you control +X/+X until the end of your turn, where X is the number of Energized gems times 3.
    4 - Energize 5 and give each creature you control +X/+X until the end of your turn, where X is the number of Energized gems times 4.
  • DECK:
    Empyreal Voyager
    Electrostatic Pummeler
    Cultivator of Blades
    Bristling Hydra

    Fabrication Module
    Aether Hub

    Attune with Aether
    Chitinous Cloak
    Altered Ego
    Seasons Past

    Nissa, Vital Force is a powerful green planeswalker that plays well with the Energy mechanic. All three of her effects create Energized gems and her last ability turns that Energy into power for your whole team. This deck's effects are based around Energy and boosting your creatures' power.
    The creatures are Empyreal Voyager, Electrostatic Pummeler, Cultivator of Blades, and Bristling Hydra. Whenever Empyreal Voyager deals damage to your opponent that many gems become Energized, the more damage it deals the more Energy you get. Electrostatic Pummeler Energizes three gems when you play it, and if you Overload the Pummeler by matching two Energized gems it doubles it's power until the end of your turn. Cultivator of Blades's abilities will give power to the first creature you control and also increases the power of all of your other creatures during your combat based on it's own power. Bristling Hydra Energizes three gems when it enters play, plus each time you match an Energized gem to Overload the Hydra it grows stronger and Energizes two more gems so you never run out.
    To support these creatures the deck uses Fabrication Module and Aether Hub. Fabrication Module can slowly create Energized gems but it's main point is to Overload two gems and give your first creature +3/+3. Aether Hub gives you extra mana whenever you Overload or Activate it's effect letting you play your cards faster.
    Attune with Aether, Chitinous Cloak, Altered Ego, and Seasons Past are the spells available to this deck. Attune with Aether has a simmilar effect as Nissa's first ability, helping you to get green gem matches and providing you with Energized gems. Chitinous Cloak and Altered Ego give a creature you control a permanent boost in power and toughness. Seasons Past can allow you to catch up if you are behind by adding three cards to your hand and changing fifteen gems into green but it can also make sure you don't run out of cards when you are in the lead.
    With these cards and this guide you should be well on your way to dominating the game. Good luck and have fun!
  • Hather
    The Cards:

    Architect of the Untamed
    Bristling Hydra
    Servant of the Conduit

    Attune with Aether
    Animist's Awakening

    Corrupted Grafstone
    Fertile Thicket
    Oath of Ajani
    Gonti's Aether Heart

    The Strategy:
    This deck has a near infinite combo when using Gonti's Aether Heart in play and Bristling Hydra. When those 2 cards are in play and some energy gems via Nissa's abilities + supporting cards you can start combo'ing with constant overload 3 matches which triggers Bristling Hydra, generating 2 more energy gems and buffing +1/+1 the Hydra, and if you have Architect of the Untamed in play, generating 6/6 Beast Tokens. When in full swing, this train only stops when you want it to, and for Lethal damage.
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    (Please excuse my lack of tags as this is my first post and therefore cannot use them)

    One of my favorite types of decks to build is the type that requires little to no effort to play. Sure: a clever or unexpected play or well-timed use of a planeswalker ability can be satisfying, but sometimes you just need to have a deck where all you have to do is swipe the screen, sit back, and relax.
    This deck, which I've named "Off the Grid", gives you, the player an opportunity to blissfully enjoy extra swaps, big creatures, and cards for no extra mana cost. Enjoy.

    "Off the Grid"

    Aetherwind Basker
    Architect of the Untamed
    Bristling Hydra
    Empyreal Voyager

    Animist's Awakening
    Scour from Existence

    Aetherworks Marvel
    Fertile Ground
    Gonti's Aether Heart
    Nissa's Pilgrimage


    This deck centers around three strategies:

    1.) Play every card. Don't trouble yourself with holding off on cards. Just answer the occasional question. "No thanks, I'd rather not replace this creature" or "Yes! I'd love to destroy that thing my opponent has!" are among the very few responses you'll need.

    2.) Use Nissa's planeswalker first ability as often as you can. No need to make difficult decisions, just tap her face when you see stars. Although if can choose between one or the other, that last ability will you with a mile-wide grin.

    3.) Let the rest of the deck do the work for you.

    It really is that simple: 3 of the 4 creatures reward you every turn with energy just for swiping the screen and watching your creatures attack. Your supports and occasional spell will give you multiple gem matches without having to even touch the screen. Other cards will give you the satisfaction of having chosen this deck with 6/6 mechanical beasts and free-to-cast cards and even extra swaps, resulting in more and more energy. Why? Because it can, and because it does while you swipe, watch, and enjoy.

    So why is it "Off the Grid?" Because like a house that isn't plugged into civil utilities, this deck does it all almost on its own!

    No longer will you have to stare slack-jawed at a gigantic creature that only gets larger, impatiently shake your phone while waiting for your opponent to take yet another extra swap, and roll your eyes every your opponent manages to play EVERYTHING out of their hand... and more.

    Now YOU will have the opportunity to have creatures with power and toughness numbers so grand you'll have to ironically squint to read them. Now YOU will be able to play many cards for free. And best of all, YOU will be sitting back, relaxing as you take yet another extra swap.

    Enjoy, and happy gaming!
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    Game-breaker Deck

    So there is a newly-discovered issue with Gonti's Aether Heart that is very easy to exploit. This is that it is actually too easy to trigger Overload-3, and so will easily cause you to get as many turns as you want. This would be my brainstorm as to best fill up the board with Energized gems in order to get basically a guaranteed win.

    Ulvenwald Hydra
    Bristling Hydra
    Servant of the Conduit
    Electrostatic Pummeler

    Seasons Past
    Rishkar's Expertise
    Attune With Aether

    Gonti's Aether Heart
    Aetherworks Marvel
    Dynavolt Tower

    Get enough of any of these cards out, along with using her abilities, and see how quickly you can fill the board up with Energy. If you can cast Season's Past, it will 9/10 times trigger an Overload-3. As long as you have the Aether Heart out, you will keep getting chances to cast your cards, and with Aetherworks Marvel in play, you can keep fetching fully-loaded cards.

    A few different ways to win:

    1. Your Hydras grow and grow, and just overtake your opponent with sheer force.
    2. Play Dynavolt Tower. Get your loops going. Watch it pick your opponent apart one -5dmg at a time and never have to finish your turn. Seen it done before already.
    3. Electrostatic Pummeler keeps matching Overload-2's until it grows into the millions. Seen that one too.

    Point is, Gonti's Aether Heart was extremely underestimated, and I hope this contest sheds some light on the desperate need for a rework on that card.
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