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    azmadu wrote:
    Does anyone know when Venow's Devour "entire team" if 8 web tiles present was changed to Devour target if 6 web tiles are present? icon_question.gif

    I think it is probably better to get 6 web tiles (lvl 4 symbiote snare) 3 tiles x 6 matches = 18 as opposed to 8 web tiles (3 x 8 matches). However if you've maxed out Snare to lvl 5 then things get really difficult to achieve the devor:

    6 tiles = 7 x 6 = 42,
    8 tiles = 7 x 8 = 56 icon_eek.gif

    And both of those are impractical/impossible as you max out at 30 AP in any colour and you'd either have killed the target or perished yourself in the process icon_lol.gif

    I'm also curious to find out if anyone has successfully managed to devour a target that had more health (or full health) than a simple bite would take? icon_question.gif
    12/18 Patch.

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