Hi, new player Raph here

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Hi all,

my name is Raphael Majere and I am a MPQ addict. icon_e_smile.gif


A shout out to my alliance mates from "ETC" !!!!

Love the game. looking forward to learning more from the seasoned players here. read some articles as recommended by my friend and they are excellent.


  • Didn't notice it was shield training, and at first thought,
    WHAT?????? 1500 IN PVP?? What kind of sorcery is that?
    Then went down the list and kept thinking, omg, what a bracket, how could that be??
    And then I saw it's sield training....
    Well done though, good job1
  • welcome Ralph, Im also new here.
    Rock on brother
  • Hey there. It must have been quite hard to reach 1500 points in Shield Training icon_lol.gif I'm Callipos btw.
  • Yo, good to see a lot of nice folks here.

    nah, It wasn't that hard to reach that score, i actually went a bit further, got more rewards and then dun dun dunnn..... realized that it bumped up my MMR WAY too high, lol.

    I had to reduce the grid ratings to around 200 or less, lol.

    But yeah, got the progression rewards, no longer going at it. tata shield sim!
  • Go back to Shadow Era Raph... icon_e_wink.gif
  • Every time i see your name I read Ralph Macchio and want to yell Cobra Kai icon_e_smile.gif