Winner! - Ob Nixilis Deck-Building Contest

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Hi Everyone,

A big thank you to everyone that sent in their submissions for the Ob Nixilis Deck-Building Contest! There were a lot of amazing entries, especially for the first ever out of a hopefully long series.

We took time to select the top 5 based on these three merits: creativity, guide composition, and deck strength. Once we selected these 5, you the community took to the polls to vote on your favorite deck. I'm happy to announce that we have a final grand prize winner.

That winner is...jetnoctis, with his winning deck, InexorOble!

Congratulations! Please send a Private Message to Brigby to receive your rewards. We’ll need to know your UserID in order to credit your account.

You can view all of the entries here:

Official Ob Nixilis Deck-Building Contest!