AI Builder

This idea may be too complex to implement in the game, but any part of it would probably help immensely.

So I have heard a lot on the forums about how terribad the AI is in controlling our team on defense. What I propose is some sort of user end AI Builder that can do one or more of the following g:

- Let player dictate what ability priority the computer should use
- Decide tile matching priority
- Decide what order abilities should be fired off and how many times if AP allows in a given turn, including if more AP of said color is gained during a turn.

These can also be a slider based section, that cost a certain amount of ISO to program, where 0 slider movement is default AI programming as it is.

Again, possibly too complex, but some system to allow us (the player) to dictate how our team should defend would be nice.


  • way too hard for the dev to do, minimal gain on their part
  • I don't see the problem with the AI as it is at the moment - it's equally idiotic for everyone. No-one is put at a disadvantage by it being an idiot.

    Also figuring out what the AI will and will not do, and using that to your advantage, is part of the fun!