R117 Hot Fixes *Updated (1/10/2017)

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Hi everyone,

Here are the updates for today's R117 hot fix patch:

January 6, 2017
    • Invisible Woman's power
Force Bubble's next level text at Power Level four now properly states that the power will target enemy Countdown tiles at Power Level five.
• Daken (Dark Avengers) and Daken (Classic)'s power Chemical Reaction now plays an animation again.
• Thanos (Modern)'s power Court Death power was dealing more damage to allies than expected. The damage done to allies has been reduced for all power levels.
• Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)'s power Executive Decision can no longer activate from Colossus (Classic)'s power Fastball Special.

January 10, 2017 *New Update*
    • Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel)'s power
Sonic Boom no longer drains Team-Up AP.
• Sentry (Dark Avengers)'s Power World Rupture no longer damages himself.
• Sentry (Dark Avengers)'s Power Supernova no longer damages himself.
• Ragnarok (Dark Avengers)'s Power Godlike Power no longer damages himself.
• Thor (Goddess of Thunder)'s power Smite no longer counts Locked Charged tiles when calculating additional damage.
• Squirrel Girl (Unbeatable)'s power Furry Friends will convert a Locked tile to a basic tile if it is randomly selected by the power.
• Mystique (Raven Darkholme)'s power Shapeshift can longer be fired if the last enemy is invisible.
• Spider-Man (Bag-Man)'s power Web-Slinger now has the correct tense for power levels 2 through 5.
• The countdown tile created by Gorgon's power Awaken the Hand now displays the correct description.
• Defender Doombot's power Hubris now displays a power banner.
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