Jace, Unraveler of Secrets: Official Thread

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manabluepngJace, Unraveler of Secrets

Level 60 mana bonuses: manawhitepng | managreenpng | manaredpng | +4 manablackpng | +5 manabluepng
Level 60 HP: 104
Level 60 max Creatures: 7 Spells: 5 Supports: 5

Ability 1: Investigation - Cost 9
1 - Gain 1 mana per Support you control on the board.
2 - Gain 2 mana per Support you control on the board.
3 - Gain 3 mana per Support you control on the board.
4 - Gain 4 mana per Support you control on the board.

Ability 2: Study - Cost 12
1 - Discard 1 card, then Investigate 1.
2 - Discard 1 card, then Investigate 2.
3 - Discard 1 card, then Investigate 3.
4 - Discard 1 card, then Investigate 4.

Ability 3: Unravel - Cost 21
1 - Create a Support with "When you draw a card, each of your creatures gain +1/+1."
2 - Create a Support with "When you draw a card, each of your creatures gain +2/+2."
3 - Create a Support with "When you draw a card, each of your creatures gain +3/+3."
4 - Create a Support with "When you draw a card, each of your creatures gain +4/+4."

Cost to Max Level: 79,920 runes

Post your decks and tips for this Planeswalker below!


  • AlveAlve Age Unconfirmed Posts: 167 Tile Toppler
  • Sky PickleSky Pickle Age Unconfirmed Posts: 3
    Here's my Jace 2. As soon as I pull Exert Influence, it's replacing WttF.

    Imprisoned in the Moon
    Padeem, Consul of Innovation
    Pore Over the Pages
    Prism Array
    Shrine of the Forsaken Gods
    Sunken Hollow
    Tamiyo's Journal
    Turn to Frog
    Welcome to the Fold
    Wharf Infiltrator
  • morgue427morgue427 Posts: 783 Critical Contributor
    interesting compo i stumbled on with j2 is smugglers copter and geralfs masterpiece, it isnt a fast build up but steady. if you add in fevered dreams and the last ability and things ramp up fast lot of peices to put together but has worked well for me so far only lost to a platnium in the challeneces with a deck of mythics, koth of course.
  • morgue427morgue427 Posts: 783 Critical Contributor
    used hime as i had him set up on the last boss for the kaladesh challenge, it was shocking i won although the normal supports that slow down the ai like sphinx tuttelge and jaces sanctum and even fevered dreams didnt hurt him much but insious dreams did. that and getting a contraban kingpin out with all of those and the last ability was fun lol a 50/60 healer made short work of him, the ai decided that the buffed smugglers copter ar 30/30 was more dangerous lol.
  • morgue427morgue427 Posts: 783 Critical Contributor
    deck that seems to be working great for me so far, even beat the noxious gearhulk on the challenges without to much trouble.

    Jaces sanctum (rare). just for the mana loss for them
    sphinx's tutelage (uncommon). because the ai wont give up on a card once it thinks it needs it
    fevered dreams(rare). cards are always important more the better
    Insidious will (rare). one of kaladeshes best cards i think ai doesnt case a sacrifice card to let the good one through
    Imprisioned in the moon (rare). to get rid of a pesky attacker if one gets out
    scour from existense (uncommon). removal just in case i dont want to give them a mana battery
    smugglers copter(rare). decent flyer for cost and less cost for each other creature cast.
    contraband kingpin (uncommon). because i like having a healer
    sunken hollow (rare). just to help set up matches
    Geralfs Masterpiece (mythic). flyer goes up with each draw with copter and fevered dreams
    thinking of replacing last one with Revolutionary rebuff just to help keep them from casting anything to begin w

    i just play it cast insidious or sphynx or jaces first and keep them going and just work on creatures with the left over mana from matches, bulding up for jaces last ability once you have the ai screaming to let it cast something let the creatures go with the ability and game over few rounds later, been lately imprisioning my own creature just to whack them with a huge mana battery.
    anyone has any ideas to help improve it i would be happy to listen
  • Mainloop25Mainloop25 Posts: 1,646 Chairperson of the Boards
    You can try replacing Geralfs masterpiece with Mizzium Meddler for extra card denial. Sphinx's tutelage+Fevered Visions+Meddler really wreaks havoc on card draw. Other alternatives might be Scatter To The Winds, Broken Concentration, or enemy similar. Good deck though, I like it
  • morgue427morgue427 Posts: 783 Critical Contributor
    dont have mizzum or i would try it, biggest problem really is the quick starters koth kiora etc. if you face them just try mana denial and pray. no defense at all really but if you are doing it right they shouldnt be able to get anything out really. want more mana imprision your own creature once it is up and running always great to have a 20 plus attacking mana battery. then your casting even more and even more to draw i can usually get +12 if i have fevered and copter out
  • morgue427morgue427 Posts: 783 Critical Contributor
    didnt mention before i usually dont cast any creatures untill i can get the last ability out that is just me though, that and none of them are defenders of have abilities worth throwing out till needed.if i get mizzum it may change of course.
  • TCL911TCL911 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 8 Just Dropped In
    Hey I was wondering what other people think of my deck and if there's any suggestions to make it better. Currently my strategy is the Helm/Cloak combo and it works well most of them time but i just feel like i can make it better. Thanks!!!

    Docent of Perfection // Final Iteration
    Startled Awake // Persistent Nightmare
    Sphinx of the Final World
    Turn to Frog
    Helm of the Gods
    Haunted Cloak
    Thpoter Spy Network
    Prism Array
    Tamiyo's Journal
    Sphinx's Tutelage

    Here is my Rares/Mythics...I have like 98% of all the uncommons and commons.
    Fathom Feeder
    Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper
    Sire of Stagnation
    Alhammarret, High Arbiter
    Deepfathom Skuler
    Skaab Goliath
    Soulblade Djinn
    Nephalia Moondrakes
    Forgotten Creation
    Jori En, Ruin Diver
    Prized Amalgam
    Mizzium Meddler
    Niblis of Frost
    Reality Smasher
    Scrapheap Scrounger
    Bane of Bala Ged
    Eldrazi Devastator
    Distended Mindbreaker
    Fleetwheel Cruiser
    Mage-Ring Responder
    Westvale Abbey // Ormendahl, Profane Prince
    Eternal Scourge
    Multiform Wonder
    Blight Herder
    Aligned Hedron Network
    Ugin's Insight
    Displacement Wave
    Invocation of Saint Traft
    Saheeli's Artistry
    Welcome to the Fold
    Talent of the Telepath
    Thpoter Pie Network
    Jace's Sanctum
    Era of Innovation
    Captain's Claws
    Obs of Warding
    Alhammarret's Archive
    Slayer's Plate
    Brain in a Jar
    Lumbering Falls
    Rogue's Passage
    Corrupted Grafstone
    Shambling Vent
    Sword of the Animist
    Shrine of the Forsaken Gods
    Deadlock Trap
  • morgue427morgue427 Posts: 783 Critical Contributor
    doesnt look bad but i wonder when it goes bad is it because you cant draw a thoper spy network?

    this is just my opinion but i t looks to me more like another color deck than blue really very little control other than one sphinx tutelage, most i have ever faced against running j2not playing control just had a hard time building up fast enough to survive. just faced one with my koth and i had a dam hard time no mythics or rares in it. he full casted full hands disabled my creatures, bounced them i was ready to throw my phone. till i had swung the momentum around. i won but one of the better decks i have ever faced.
  • Grenade110Grenade110 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 53 Match Maker
    I got Jace2 just a few days ago and have gotten him to level 26. This is my current deck and was looking for any tips on improving it.

    Wild-Field Scarecrow
    Filigree Fimiliar
    Drowner of Hope

    Stratus Walk
    Turn to Frog
    Foundry of the Consuls

    Shivan Reef
    Yavimaya Coast
    Thopter Spy Network
    Thopter Pie Network

    I don't have a lot of rare/mythic cards.

    Thinking of swapping TPM for Sphinx's Tutelage. Would that be wise?

    Should I use Scour From Existence over Turn to Frog?

    Wanting to get Corrupted Grafstone and Drownyard Temple to replace the Origins ones.

    Also wanting to get Hangarback Walker to replace the Familiar.
  • morgue427morgue427 Posts: 783 Critical Contributor
    sphinx is always a good choice and i do hear you having a limited choice of mythics and rares.a decent cheap mana would help sunken hollow(rare i know) or one of the others like drownyard helps choked estuary is blue black also. perhaps let some of your creatures do double duty also get some that have a dual purpose like lashweed lurker. hangar back sounds good in theory but it is overkill honestly with thoper network and at 25 you will take a long time getting it out. turn to frog is ok but if you can bounce his creature back and make him pay for it again wouldnt that be better? jaces last ability is the one you want to get to then just draw like crazy and any creature will be a monster quickly. longfinned skywhale is a decent flying wall for 9 and not hard to get from kaladesh. anything you can use to get draws will help you. kill thier ability to keep energy, cast cards or keep them on the board and you have a great blue deck a bit of each just leads to an sort of ok deck, that depends on getting certain cards to win

    oh i forgot to mention part of control with jace 2 (well with all planes walker that you can do is try to limit the good matches that the ai can get if it doesnt hurt you to much if they get off color matches only it slows them down. especially if your deck is set up for cheaper cost cards to take advantage of it. I will try to figure out a pauper deck for him this weekend since i have a friend who just got him also, and will explain how to play it when i can.

    ok had a chance to get a pauper deck for jace 2. i havent had the chance to test him as fully as i would like but he went through several of the heroic battles and won easily.

    Sphinxs tutelage (uncommon support) each card you draws adds 2 to casting cost of the first card
    revolutionary rebuff (common spell) steals all mana from first colored card they own
    Sigiled starfish (uncommon creature) draw an extra card per turn
    Curious homunculus ( uncommon creature) fills spell cards in your hand 2 mana for first card tuntill transformed then every spell gains 2 at beginning of turn
    Gone missing (common spell) bounce creature back to their deck
    trail of evidence (Support uncommon) get an investigate token time delay card draw
    negate (spell common) tiny mana steal but cheap
    Clash of wills (spell uncommon) time delay mana steal
    Choked estuary (support uncommon) converts gems to blue and black more if in delrium)

    how to play
    first round if you get sphinx or trail rf evidence they go first darken mana steal for later if you get extra mana then curious if you can get it if not sigiled. pore through the pages will help with drawing along with j2 first ability for mana if needed or second if card short.
    once you get up and running with this with the supports and one of the creatures it is mostly just a matter of maintaining the supports, if they get taken out it will come crashing down fast. before long the curious will be feeding spells for free you work on supports and all the while the ai is trying to cast the first card with mana constantly being stolen and cost going up every turn. honestly in the heroic battles i had to kill a sigiled just to make the battle last longer. got a good start and he never cast one card the entire game.
    give it a try always open to ideas and tweaks, plus let me know if it works for you.

    this deck wont be a quick battle deck, to many beserkers to kill off needed creatures, and direct damage like chandra or koth will be a tough fight

    good luck
  • TCL911TCL911 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 8 Just Dropped In
    Thanks morgue427 for the reply. I tried to make it more control but I haven't been able to test it out yet. I was wondering what you (or anybody else) think about it. See my previous post for all my rares and mythics if you want to make any suggestions to swap out or something. Thanks

    My Current Deck:
    Startled Awake // Persistent Nightmare
    Turn to Frog
    Helm of the Gods
    Haunted Cloak
    Broken Concentration
    Thpoter Spy Network
    Prism Array
    Tamiyo's Journal
    Sphinx's Tutelage
    Jace's Sanctum
  • morgue427morgue427 Posts: 783 Critical Contributor
    startled awake is a keeper by all means good mana just not sure about using just thoper is all easy to take out because they become all one creature, granted would be hard to bounce them all before they did damage, plus aether revolt as some support board clearers now, so at least a decent other would help sigiled while not big is cheap and an extra card you dont feel bad losing it. if you had imprisoned i would say that instead of frog because it is always fun to prison your own creature to turn it into an attacking mana battery with his last ability lol got one up to 30 or so the enemy die before i could get higher lol lot of mana per turn to cast with.
  • morgue427morgue427 Posts: 783 Critical Contributor
    and you have mana denial and disable both of which help but more of one and none of the other would be better honestly, prism only disables if it landfalls so it isnt consistent, one of the cheap horrors does when it couls out and it is cheap as sin 5 i think use that to help or one of the spells to disable, one has madness and cost 4, personally i dont want to have to worry about stopping a creature after it is out especially if i can keep it from getting there in the first place, but that is me if they get out i have a spell i try to keep charged just waiting to bounce him back.
  • TCL911TCL911 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 8 Just Dropped In
    Thanks for the reply...I am thinking on taking out Prism Array and adding in either Sigiled Starfish, Jori En, or Forgotten Creation.
  • morgue427morgue427 Posts: 783 Critical Contributor
    jori en is decent bit bigger and a bit more but not bad. forgotten that is the discard 6 right and draw 6? to hard to count on honestly only when you get the card, so big spike but otherwise just an eh creature. wharf infiltrator may work better if you have it or smugglers copter just to swap cards every turn. does mean more work so you dont lose the card you drew though.
  • Grenade110Grenade110 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 53 Match Maker
    I've gotten Jace2 up to level 60 and picked up more cards. This is my current deck...

    Creatures: (1)
    Drowner of Hope

    Stratus Walk
    Whir of Invention
    Scour From Existence
    Foundry Of the Counsuls

    Supports: (5)
    Shivan Reef*
    Skyline Cascade
    Oath of Jace
    Sphinx's Tutelage
    Thopter Spy Network

    *Shivan Reef will be replaced by Corrupted Grafstone once I get it.

    This deck has proven to be pretty powerful and wins almost 100% when I get Drowner.
  • morgue427morgue427 Posts: 783 Critical Contributor
    do you just race to get to the 3rd ability? njot sure how you run it few cards i dont have in there so not sure what they do i know drowner is rotten though.
    to be agauinst anyways having it i am sure is a smile moment so you can say take that you bastard lol
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