Known Issue: Increased Ability Costs *Updated (1/4/17)

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Hi Everyone,

There is currently an R117 bug with power levels that is causing certain abilities to cost more than they should. The team is currently looking into the issue. Here is a list of all the known affected powers:
    • Hawkeye (Classic) - Arrow Stab • Juggernaut (Classic) - Headbutt • Juggernaut (Classic) - Unstoppable Crash • Spiderman (Original) - All Tied Up • Yelena Belova (Dark Avenger) - Lethal Recon • Ares (Dark Avengers) - Onslaught • Black Widow (Original) - Aggressive Recon • Black Widow (Original) - Anti-Gravity Device • Bullseye (Dark Avengers) - Murderous Aim • Magneto (Marvel Now!) - Iron Hammer • Magneto (Marvel Now!) - Magnetic Flux • Spider-Man (Bagman) - Switcheroo • Spider-Man (Bagman) - Web-Slinger • Black Widow (Grey Suit) - Sniper Rifle • Black Widow (Grey Suit) - Pistol • Iron Man (Model 40) - Recharge • Miles Morales (Spider-Man) - Hide and Seek
I will update this post when I find out further information regarding a fix time-frame. Apologies for the inconvenience.

*Update: The team has identified the issue and fixed it. Since this fix requires a platform release, it will be included in the R118 patch.
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