1.9.1 Release Notes (12/21/16)

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Hey Everyone,

Here are the final release notes for the 1.9.1 patch that will be going live tomorrow!

New Features

Activity Hub Update: Widgets and messages have been improved.
Update to Coalition Events: Players must now be in a Coalition before the Event begins to contribute to the Coalition’s score.

New Event: Inventor’s Fair

On this vibrant plane, aether powers thousands of brilliant inventions from clockwork automatons to massive airships. Genius inventors have come from all over the world to compete at the Inventors' Fair. Who will most impress the mysterious Head Judge?

Face other players for control of the three shards of mana. Each event, one node is set aside for a specific Planeswalker, while the other nodes require a Planeswalker of the appropriate mana affinity. Once locked, each Planeswalker you use on that node will fight enemy Planeswalkers and decks crafted by real players. The more victories you earn and the more secondary objectives you complete, the more rewards you can earn. Reach the top brackets before the event ends and earn the best rewards.

In the first Inventor's Fair, the Blue and White Node will be restricted to Dovin Baan. Players reaching the top of the leaderboard in Silver, Gold or Platinum Tiers will receive a limited-time exclusive Mythic card.

The optional objectives for the Inventor’s Fair are as follows:
    Blue and White Node
    Optional Objective 1: Energise 5 or more Gems during the match. Optional Objective 2: Lose 2 or less creatures during a single fight.
Red Node
    Optional Objective 1: Energise 5 or more Gems during the match. Optional Objective 2: Take less than 15 damage during a single fight.
Green Node
    Optional Objective 1: Energise 5 or more Gems during the match. Optional Objective 2: Win the fight with 75 or more HP remaining.

Legacy Events: Oath of the Gatewatch, Part I and Part II
The battle to save the plane of Zendikar rages on. Powerful Planeswalkers have fought on the side of the Zendikari against the all-consuming, alien Eldrazi.
Will the Planeswalkers stay at great personal risk and fight for Zendikar? Or will they retreat away to safety and leave the world to oblivion?

Back by popular demand, the Oath of the Gatewatch is returning to Magic the Gathering: Puzzle Quest. Keep an eye out for this legacy PvE event.

Bug Fixes
(Spoiler contains LONG list of bug fixes)
Cards, Planeswalkers & Gameplay
    -Duskwatch Recruiter fails to Transform when the player fails to cast a card on their turn.
    -Multiple issues occur when matching one of Disciple of the Ring's activate gems while there is no creature with Defender or Reach on the opponent's side.
    -The spell is cast when casting Shreds of Sanity without a card in hand to Discard.
    -Advanced Stitching erroneously returns to the battlefield when the user makes a Landfall match after Advanced Stitchwing was Returned to the user's Library.
    -The creature fails to be destroyed when Undergrowth Champion is the target of Ob Nixilis's Torment ability.
    -Tokens are valid targets when Lashweed Lurker enters the battlefield.
    -Tokens are valid targets when casting Gone Missing.
    -Zombies retain Unblockable when the opponent has 3 creatures with Defender or Reach on the battlefield while Graf Harvest is in play.
    -The creature fails to be Destroyed when targeting a creature with prevent damage after casting multiple spells with Destroy effects.
    -The creature fails to Transform when 2 cards are played the last turn while Neck Breaker is on the battlefield.
    -Undergrowth Champion fails to be destroyed when targeting Undergrowth after casting Imprisoned in the Moon.
    -Undergrowth Champion fails to be Destroyed when the creature is the target of multiple Destroy effects.
    -The spell erroneously casts when selecting the Not Now button on Hydrolash's targeting prompt.
    - The Extricator of Flesh creature card's ability fails to trigger when a friendly Eldrazi creature dies on the battlefield.
    -A card is drawn when matching the Mad Prophet's activate gem while the player's hand is empty.
    -A 3/2 Eldrazi Horror is summoned when a non-Eldrazi creature dies with Extricator of Flesh on the battlefield.
    -The card is able to be cast when filling Pore Over the Pages' mana cost with no other cards in hand.
    -The Furyblade Vampire gets +3/0 when matching the Furyblade Vampire's activate gem while the player's hand is empty.
    -A card is drawn when the Lamplighter of Selhoff enters the Battlefield while controlling a Zombie and the player's hand is empty.
    -The card is able to be cast when filling the mana cost of a spell that Discards a card while no other cards are in hand.
    -When another card is on the battlefield with Flameblade Angel, and Flamebalde takes damage, it does not do 1 damage to the enemy planeswalker
    -Only one Kor Ally token is summoned when the Captain's Claws support is applied to a creature with Double Strike.
    -Only the top spell in hand gains 2 mana when Voracious Reader's ability activates at the beginning of your turn.
    -The creature keeps Prevent Damage when Disabling a creature that has been granted Prevent Damage by another card.
    -The creature with Hexproof is an erroneous valid target when casting Imprisoned by the Moon.
    -The card receives -1/-1 when Undergrowth Champion is affected by a Destroy mechanic while Disabled.
    -Creatures retain Hexproof when another creature that is granting Hexproof is Destroyed.
    -The creature keeps Hexproof when Disabling a creature that has been granted Hexproof by another card.
    -Cards with Madness are selectable targets when choosing a card to discard with the Magmatic Insight spell card.
    -The Unblockable Evergreen continuously displays when viewing the Gilt-leaf Winnower creature card on the battlefield.
      Cards Art
      -The focus fails to display the massacre when viewing Eyeblight Massacre in grid view.
        Cards Design
        -The buff is erroneously removed when a card that returns the last spell cast enters the battlefield.
        -The creature is erroneously enabled when a temporarily Mind Controlled creature disabled Hixus, Prison Warden returns to the original owner's side.
        -Niblis of Frost does not gain +3/+3 after casting a spell when the Opponent has no creature on the battlefield
        -Only one enemy creature is Destroyed when Relentless Dead Returns Fleshbag Marauder after being Destroyed by another Fleshbag Marauder.
        -Remorseless Punishment fails to cast when the opponent has a creature with Hexproof on the battlefield.
        -The creature fails to be blocked when Gatstaf Ravagers attacks while two creatures with Defender are on the battlefield.
        -One gem is erroneously Ingested when Complete Disregard is played against a colorless opponent.
        -Hydrolash erroneously casts when Hydrolash's mana cost is filled while there are no creatures on the battlefield.
          Card Localization
          -The text displays as "Murder Investigation" when viewing the card description of multiple KLD cards.
          -When Graf Harvest is in play, Zombies do not gain Unblockable when the opponent has 2 creatures with Defender or Reach
          -Placeholder red Xs display when viewing the subtype of multiple KLD cards.
          -Placeholder text displays when viewing the title of the Deadlock Trap card in All Areas.
          -The card description displays "Create or join a Coalition" when viewing the Mage-Ring Responder's card description
          -A red X displays when viewing the subtype of multiple cards.
            -Tapping on Supports that are on the battlefield now properly invoke the card details.
            -The opponent erroneously targets the player's creatures when casting the Saheeli's Artistry spell card.
            -The opponent fails to be dealt 2 damage when the opponent plays a colorless creature while Molten Nursery is on the battlefield.
            -Sometimes app crashes on the title screen when 'Start Trainng' button is tapped right after logging out of Facebook
            -Summoning sickness is applied to the player's Bonded Construct when the player uses Exert Influence on the opponent's Bonded Construct while the player has a Bonded -Construct on the battlefield.
              -Maxed out Vehicular Assembly only summons 3 creatures in certain conditions
              -The ability remains unused when selecting cancel on the Replace Creature prompt after using Sarkhan's Feed Dragonling ability.
              -The opponent targets their own creatures when using the first rank of Chandra, Roaring Flame's second ability Scorching Strike.

              UI, UX, Localization & Graphics
                Graphics & FX
                -A gem is missing from the gem board when the opponent Fabricates with a Planeswalker ability then destroys the newest Supporting Servo with a 4-match.
                -Placeholder artwork displays when viewing multiple supports created by multiple Planeswalkers.
                -The artwork fails to display when viewing multiple Special Offers.
                -The artwork is missing when viewing multiple boosters.
                -A red X appears instead of characters in the promotions.
                -The beam when completing an encounter appears too soon
                -The icon displays blurry when viewing all widget icons.
                  -The spell is unable to cast when filling the card mana cost of Serpentine Spike while the opponent has no creatures on the battlefield.
                  -One card is erroneously drawn when a colorless opponent performs a landfall while Sire of Stagnation is on the battlefield.
                  -Voldaren Pariah's description says Emerge instead of Madness
                  -Hixus, Prison Warden fails to Disable the creature when a creature deals damage to the Planeswalker with an effect.
                  -Multiple cards erroneously convert gem's colors when the user's turn begins.
                  -Westvale Cult Leader erroneously gains +1/+1 when another creature enters your side of the battlefield.
                  -The Westvale Abbey creature card fails to block when given Defender.
                  -The "Coming Soon" text displays in English when viewing the Planeswalkers.
                  -Multiple cards' abilities fail to activate when creating a Clue gem.
                  -Three damage is erroneously dealt to the opponent when no cards are discarded as the turn begins while Creeping Dread is on the gem board.
                  -Outdated text displays when viewing the Free Booster description.
                  -Outdated text displays when viewing Saheeli Rai's abilities.
                  -Red Xs display when viewing the Inventors' Fair rewards.
                  -The text displays as "On Match gain {1} mana and take {2} damage" when viewing the card description of multiple KLD cards.
                  -The text is misleading when viewing the Confirm Purchase prompt for multiple specials offers.
                  -Red Xs display when viewing the KLD Coalition Challenge rewards.
                  -Multiple Typos & Loc Keys in the KLD Tutorials
                  -Placeholder text displays when first entering an Encounter.
                  -Placeholder text displays when viewing the top of the screen while in an Encounter.
                  -The text is misleading when viewing Altered Ego's card description.

                  KLD Ability Text Edits
                    -A red X displays when viewing the text fields.
                    -The text displays with "US" when viewing the price buttons.
                    -The button displays JOIN text instead of changing to CONTINUE text when joining an Event.
                    -The text displays "Your new cards" when viewing the Reward screen after purchasing the Mythic Card set.
                    -Multiple grammatical errors occur when viewing the Scatter to the Winds card description.
                    -The text displays "Before she was became a necromancer" when viewing Liliana, The Last Hope's story.
                    -Multiple grammatical issues occur when viewing the Welcome to the Fold card.
                    -The text "until the end of your turn." fails to display when viewing the Angelic Captain creature card's text.
                      UI & UX
                      -The Coalition score remains the same instead of lowering when a player leaves a Coalition.
                      -The artwork is missing when viewing multiple Planeswalkers in Full Screen view.
                      -A Coalition rank erroneously displays when viewing the Coalition rewards while the user is not in a Coalition.
                      -When reviewing cards from boosters, the XP bar should be hidden
                      -A Coalition rank of 1 erroneously displays when viewing the Event End widget while the user is not in a Coalition.

                      System & Connectivity
                        Compliance / TRC
                        -The iTunes "Sign In" pop up re displays instead of logging the user into iTunes after inputting credentials and selecting "OK" on the iTunes Pop Up.
                          Connectivity / System
                          -The Maintenance prompt fails to display when the killswitch is flipped.
                          -A black screen displays when returning to the app after pressing the "Update" button.
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