Award rank, then deduct points

I just reached rank 700 in this Iron Man 40 arena thing. Except I actually reached 700 four times. I passed 700 on the victory screen four times. But while I fought that winning match, somebody else attacked me and also won their match. So I lost points at the same time that I gained points. So even though I actually passed 700 and reached the rank, I loaded into the match screen below 700 and so didn't get my reward. This is very frustrating. Especially because it happened at 300, 400, 500, 600 too. I reached all of those numbers 2-4 times each. The only reason I finally got 700 is because I was lucky and everyone apparently decided to have dinner, so nobody attacked me for two whole minutes. This gets even worse the higher up the ranks you go because everybody zeroes in on you for points. You're under a constant barrage of attacks.

We should get the reward for attaining the rank threshold and then the points for being attacked should be deducted. This could be solved by giving the reward while still on the victory screen, before loading back into the match screen and deducting the points for a defeat.

Just a suggestion. There will probably be naysayers. I realize that some people will say it's the price you pay for going up in ranks. You become a target. But it happens at low ranks too.


  • I don't know how they do the ranking I noticed rank can change without being defeated or having won a fight. I might have 799 points and later have 806. I never count on the score that's given after the fight, it's never the score I see on the leaderboard.
  • It's always off by a few points. But that's not really what I'm talking about.
    For example, I end a fight with 706. That takes me past 700, I should get the reward for it.
    But when I exit the match and load onto the next screen, the one where you select your opponents, I get the alert that I've been defeated by So-and-so and lost 13 points. So now I'm at ~693 and therefore don't get the reward that I earned.

    Basically they 1) give you the points for a win, 2) deduct the points for a loss, 3) and then determine your new score and whether you get the reward.

    I'm suggesting that they should 1) give you the points for a win, 2) determine your new score and whether you get the reward, 3) and then deduct the points for a loss.
  • A couple of times recently I've had the victory screen say I've won minus points. What must have happened was that I won a fight worth 10 points, and at the same time lost a fight worth 20, so the victory screen displays "you won -10". If this happened all the time this would avoid pumkin's problem of being told you had reached a certain rank when you hadn't really.