Reality Gem Season Update (12/12/16)

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For the upcoming Versus Season (Reality Gem Season) we will be updating two powers of Miles Morales (Spider-Man). As new characters have been released, some character power sets introduced new ways to make Miles function even better than he currently does. The changes are listed below:

Power and Responsibility: This power currently doesn't differentiate between one Web tile or many Web tiles in a single match. The power has been updated to grant Mile's team AP for each Web tile matched. This doesn't count Web tiles destroyed by matching four or more tiles at once.

Hide and Seek / Surprise!: Currently, Mile's dual power switches every time the power is activated. This means that it is possible to activate Surprise! when Miles is visible. We have updated the power so it will remain Surprise! as long as the Invisibility tile created by the power is still on the board. Once the invisibility tile is removed, the power will revert back to Hide and Seek. We have updated the base damage as well as the bonus damage per Web tile of the Surprise! power.

Miles Morales (Spider-Man) - Lv 270 (Max Level)
Miles Morales (Spider-Man) - Lv 366 (Max Level with Weekly Powered-Up Boost)
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