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**Currently recruiting at all levels for ThePower9 Alliance. Please see our latest recruiting post  here.

Last Update: 11/16/17

TeamReckless / DimMak Charter

Preamble to the Charter

Goals: TeamReckless is a top 10 All-time coalition. DimMak is a top 40 all-time coalition aiming to finish in the top 25 when possible. We strive to perform at a high level while balancing our family and work lives and keeping a fun, relaxed vibe. Reckless / Dimmak Braintrust: Our leadership team consists of:Gajster (TR captain / unicorn)ManaTear (DimMak captain / nicest man on Earth)Bken1234 (gajster’s sidekick)Falizar (ummm, yah)Babo21 (awesome)Nexus13 (the best)SirChombli (makes us better people)Nissra (bringer of joy)Manyakki (DimMak co-leader)
ThePower9: TeamReckless and DimMak are part of an alliance of coalitions, which includes:Top 10: BlackLotus, SaltyBarals, BlackVise, D3adapultTop 25: tinykitty, UndeadHeads, BrotasticTop 50: SinnExperten, KlubKoneTop 100: GarbageJuice, BornToRune

Article I - Expectations

Performance: We expect each active member to participate in every event. TeamReckless members are required to complete each available charge unless notification has been given to leadership. DimMak members are required to participate in each event and aim for progression unless notification has been given to leadership. Roster Placement: Every Tuesday up to three members of DimMak will have the option to switch up to TeamReckless. These members will be chosen based on performance. TR members will be moved to DIMMAK under two cirucmstances: 1. Volunteer: A TR member who is unable to complete all charges in the coming week can volunteer to move to DimMak. While playing for DimMak, they are required to at least achieve progression. 2. Performance: A DIMMAK member who outscores anyone on TR will be given the option of moving up to TeamReckless in that TR member’s spot. The TR member will have the option of moving back up when their scores improve. Membership: All new members are initially placed in DimMak. After 2 weeks they are eligible to move up to TR through the roster placement policy. Target notification: Due to the unknown schedule of rewards for upcoming events, coalition leadership may revise the score requirement for any given event. Before the start of each event, leadership will do their best to give members notice of the maximum points and expectation for that event.Notification of absence: Members are required to give 48 hours notice of absence from a coalition event, to give leadership enough time to find a suitable replacement. Members who give proper notice will be restored to their position when leave ends. Emergency situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis (but it’s always better to give late notification than no notification).

Article II - Communication

Discord: Members are strongly encouraged to use Discord for team communication. We operate 2 channels within ThePower9 community, “TRD_and_friends” for communication with provisional members, past members and friends, and “TR-DimMak-Biz” for internal communication. Failure to maintain a Discord account may result in membership termination.Respectfulness: Members are expected to follow ThePower9 Community Standards. We do not tolerate harassment or hateful communication of any kind, whether in Discord, in-game chat, or any outside medium.  Such communication is grounds for immediate removal from the coalition and the alliance. Team Business: When appropriate, team leadership will ask for feedback from members on decisions such as new member admittance and charter changes. Members are encouraged to share their opinions in our biz channel or privately to team leadership.

Article III - Discipline

Absence without notification: Members who miss an event without notice may be asked to move to a more casual coalition for 3 events before being returned to the active roster.Underperformance: Failing to meet minimum requirements for three consecutive coalition events without notice may result in being asked to move temporarily or permanently to a more casual coalition.Reinstatement: Former members who are moved to a casual or development coalition can apply to be reinstated and coalition leadership will decide on a case-by-case basis.


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    Current Status: We are currently recruiting for the best development coalition in the game (it's true, ask anyone)-- WolfîR finishes top 100 in all events and consistently places members in several top 10 coalitions-- please fill out our survey and contact bken1234 with specific questions. Prospective members are also welcome to join TeamReckless, Extinction, 0blivion, BlackLotus, Calamity, tinykitty, and WolfîR in The Bix Mix on Discord -- please post in the bootcamp channel so we know you're looking for a new home:
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    Update 3/1/17

    Our group of coalitions are currently recruiting for three or more Top 10 level players and several other players of all experience levels. Please send a PM to bken1234, fill out our survey or just hop into TheBigMix on Discord and shout that you're looking for a new coalition. (See original post for links)

    We are also always looking for new coalitions that want to work together to be successful and be part of a fun, interactive community. Send me a PM for more info.
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    Today our founder, Gajster* stepped down to our B team, DimMak after 18 months of leading TeamReckless. She was the last of the original top 10 team captains.

    When we started this adventure 18 months ago, we were two lost kindred spirits in a group of very patient players who were way better than us. 

    TR was top 10 from day one -- and our teammates took us both to their level. Gajster led a team that has always focused on fun and real life first, and this is who TR is and will always be. 

    Gajster, you've not only been my leader and my teammate, you are my friend. Thank you for sharing this insane journey with me -- it's been an honor to be your #2 -- and I can't wait to play together again soon in all of ThePower9 teams. 

    Also -- welcome and best of luck to our new captain @Babo21 -- and thank you to D3 Go! support for making the transition quickly and smoothly. 

    *Name used with permission. 
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    I'm bummed. Whenever I'd be flying off the rails , she'd find a way to trick me into calming down .Never a "hey dude chill" more so "so whachu know about wiggly cheesecake" then horror stories would be shared followed by painful laughter . Great asset to the team, but more so, just a really cool lady. It's gonna be weird seeing the top of our roster without her and her little crown. We shall be eagerly awaiting her return . I'll make dragon's beard and wiggly cheesecake! 
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    Well... I came to TR just a little over a year ago to sub for another player for a month or so... and found an amazing team that I didn't want to leave. Lots of us went on little trips to other coalitions, sometimes to create a spot for another of our own to come back home, sometimes to go help friends when someone needed a break. We passed a few crisis when massive numbers of players just gave up on the game and left their teams. And all this time our "unicorn and good luck charm" (not my own words, but I loved them) remained there on the top of our list with her little crown, waiting for us to come back home. Well.... I'm here waiting for you to come back home after your vacation!
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    I haven't been with TeamReckless for as long as most of the others, but I can't imagine there is a better group of people to play with.
    A team is only as good as it's captain and it has always been clear that our captains are the best there are. 
    It saddens me to see you leaving TR. 
    Playing without you will be like a small part of the game is missing. You know, like 1/20th of the game.

    I think TR is in good hands with @Babo21. I know he'll keep the team as shipshape as you have.

    Come back to TeamReckless as soon as you can.