Invisible Woman (Classic) Character Update

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Hi Everyone -

With the upcoming Time Gem Season, we will be updating the powers to Invisible Woman (Classic). Invisible Woman was one of our earliest and weakest 4-Stars and we took another shot at updating her to make her more competitive.

Here's a breakdown of her new powers!

Invisible Woman (Classic) Update

Grant Invisibility - 7 AP
Creates an Invisibility tile that prevents Invisible Woman from being targeted by match damage and powers.
-Upgrades include creating Protect tiles and granting teammates invisibility for 2 turns.

Force Bubbles - 8 AP
Locks random enemy Strike, Protect and Attack tiles and creates Blue Strike tiles.
-Upgrades include locking more tiles, locking Countdown tiles, and creating more Blue Strike tiles.

Force Field Crush - 10 AP
Create random Force Bubbles and deal damage if there are less than 4 Force Bubbles on the board. Otherwise, converts tiles in Force Bubbles to basic tiles, removes the Force Bubbles and deals damage for each tile removed.
-Upgrades include creating additional Force Bubbles and dealing more damage.
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