Are you kidding me?

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Are you guys at D3 trying to drain the life and soul out of us? ANOTHER Emrakul Corruption!! Do any of you even try to play this event competitively?

The time it takes to play this event competitively is ridiculous, we essentially have no time to actually enjoy the game or really even have a reason to play this game for fun, compile this with the lack of fun there is once you have a sizeable collection of cards and you get nothing back from the endless piles of tinytinykitty that come from boosters and even big boxes, 3 Rares for 600 crystals are you just trying to wind us up??

If you paid any attention to the top tier players who play this game you would see the chatter that lots of people are considering leaving this game.

All I can say is you are slowly killing the game. Try making something fun/interesting rather than harder to achieve the objectives because you are too tight fisted to dish out rewards for people on the same score.

Please work something out as it is getting beyond frustrating.


  • Pestilence
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    I have been playing this game from the start and love it! Have been happy watching the game grow. Ecstatic about the addition of coalitions, I got myself in a competitive team right away. I love competing and the great team I'm part of but with the event structure and timing the way it is and the time suck of this event i have been seriously considering quitting. Then it was solidified with yet another iteration of an event that is just not worth the time.

    I think everyone can agree that events shouldn't feel like punishment to the competitive. Don't we play to have fun? Its no longer fun to be in top coalition.
    I guess life can only get better if i put my phone down and live it anyway.

    Thanks d3!
  • Yawgmoth
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    This event is making me seriously consider quitting this game completely. So far I really enjoyed being near the top, the heat of competition. But the competition is now more and more about time spent. And it causes me to lose too much of real life, it's getting soul crushing.

    Doing all the victories and bonus objectives for a top score is not just difficult (the difficulty is perfect), but it requires a super slow playstyle, stalling the game, killing own creatures and stuff... and there are so many matches like that to be played it can take half a day to do it. That's way too long. The competition shouldn't be about how much of real life can we sacrifice. And it wasn't like that in this game till the recent events (the first that brought this pain was the Saheeli event).

    These days I praise and miss the Enraged mechanic even more.