PVE Details Tracking Spreadsheet

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Many moons ago I came across a link to a spreadsheet which listed out all the different PVE events and the points for each node. This was very helpful in and of itself, but I wanted to track my progress in the events and to plan out how much I need to do on each day to hit progression. You may have seen me images of it in various event threads.

I modified each event as it came and have now filled out the ones I have yet to do.

PLEASE MAKE A COPY OF THIS SPREADSHEET AND USE YOUR COPY. Make a copy on your own goolge drive and fill it out there. If you use this one, the data will probably be overwritten.

I plan to update this template as I add events. I missed the Strange event, for example, so it is not in here. Neither is Boss Rush (grrrr).

Here is the template for my guide.

Hopefully the first tab makes sense of my intentions. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post here.