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PvZ Heroes is fun!

FeagulFeagul Age Unconfirmed Posts: 114
edited October 2016 in Off Topic
It allows crafting of cards! Actual PvP! Every three hours you get a new challenge that rewards the equivalent of crystals in MtG:PQ. If you want to whale, you spend a fraction of the cost to get exactly what you want. Servers don't routinely screw me over, and in spite of the fact that I've tried to break the game--no freezes.

Pretty much all of this is in direct opposition to how MtG:PQ is run, and yet PvZ Heroes is already making a lot more money on the sales charts. Hmmm...


  • FeagulFeagul Age Unconfirmed Posts: 114
    PS Don't post here or you might get banned like me.
  • PaconePacone Age Unconfirmed Posts: 61
    I started it too, the game isn't so deep as mtgpq, but it's quite entertaining, I love the pvz series
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