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Greetings fellow Ghouls n' Ghosts!! With Halloween quickly approaching, me, the mod monster squad and the Vampire Lord Hi-Fi thought what better way to go bump into the night than to have a scary story contest! Using in-game characters and cards from Marvel Puzzle Quest or Magic: the Gathering - Puzzle Quest, gather around the campfire and tell us your best horror stories! Loads of prizes and good fun!

Warning: Read at your own peril! Not recommended for those that are easily frightened or wary of scary stories. You have been warned.

The contest: Forum users use in-game MPQ characters or MtGPQ cards to tell a scary story. There will be two separate contest threads, one for Marvel Puzzle Quest and one for Magic the Gathering: Puzzle Quest. A forum user may post one entry in each contest thread. However, in order to give everyone a fair chance, participants may submit only one entry for each contest thread. The top 10 posts with the most up votes for each contest will then be sent to D3 Go! who will select the winner. The period for submissions shall be Friday October 28th 7pm EST (Friday October 28th 23:00 UTC/GMT) to Sunday October 30th 8pm EST (Monday October 31st 0:00 UTC/GMT) while an extra day for voting will be provided, ending October 31st 8pm EST (November 0:00 UTC/GMT). Also, please avoid posting anything that would be considered obscene or vulgar, for example extreme displays of violence or cruelty. Think more along the lines of creepy rather than splatterhouse flick.

Example Entry:
Title: Where is my body!

"What's up with Thompson? He looks like a frickin' zombie."

"Yeah, I heard he went into the old abandoned house down the street on a dare and came out screaming like a baby a couple days ago. Dude said he saw Freddy Kreuger in there or something. Apparently he hasn't slept since."

"What? Was he high on something?"

"Nah, Thompson isn't like that. Apparently people have been hearing strange sounds coming from that house too so a bunch of us are going to go check it out after school, wanna come?"

"No, I think I'll pass."

"Aww what you scared? haha Come on you don't really think Freddy Kreuger exists do you? It was probably just some ol' cat or animal trapped in there and freaked Thompson out. Come on! It will be fun!"


"Great! We are meeting up in the parking up at the basketball court after school. See you then!"

And that's where my nightmare began. I met up with Mika, Jose and Tiffany after school. Alex, the boy who said he saw Freddy, refused to come with us. He told us we were crazy and that we shouldn't go but Jose and Rei were pretty adamant about going.

I actually didn't really want to go either, sneaking in old, possibly haunted houses isn't really my idea of fun. But I have a really big crush on Mika and didn't want her to think I was a chicken. In fact, I was hoping that this might turn out to be my best chance to impress her...

It took us about 10 minutes to get to the place. The old, dilapidated building use to be the club house of some secret society in the 80s, at least according to local legend. It was shut down after some crazy commotion with mutants but the owner of the place never bothered selling or renovating it. It had sort of become a right of passage for neighborhood boys to sneak inside the building to show their courage and there was never any problem before the incident with Thompson.

I never really liked that house. It was an eyesore and kind of spooked me out but there I was following my dream girl and friends into that wretched abode. The front door was nailed shut so we slipped in through a broken basement window in the back of the house. The basement was filled with trash and broken stuff, probably from people who had come to squat in the building or crash for a night. Luckily since it was still light outside it wasn't so dark so it was easy to make our way upstairs into the living room.

Like any creepy ol' haunted house, the doors squeaked and the floors creaked and even with the light of day it was a bit dim since all the windows were boarded up and there was dust every where. I am allergic to house dust so it didn't take long before I started sneezing.

"You ok there, Malcom?" Rei teased.

"Yeah, just allergic to house dust but I'll be ok," I managed to muster out before the next nasal eruption. I decided to cover my nose and mouth with the sleeve of my hoodie to try and stifle my sneezing but it did nothing for my eyes which I could feel begin to water and tingling.

Suddenly, we heard the sound of footsteps coming from the room above.

"Oh snap! Someone else is in here!" Jose whispered. Everyone froze.

Click Clack Click Clack

We silently listened silently in horror as the person above seemed to be pacing back and forth.

"Guys we should really go" Tiffany blurted out and I couldn't agree more but neither Mika nor Jose responded.

Click Clack Click Clack

The wretched sound continued to fill our ears.

"Guys come on!" Tiffany pleaded but Mika shushed her to be quiet.

Finally the person upstairs stopped moving.

"Let's check it out," Mika said, flashing us a mischievous grin, and she and Jose headed towards the staircase.

Tiffany, out of fear, latched onto my arm and I secretly cursed my luck.

"If Mika sees Tiffany snuggling with me like this she is definitely going to get the wrong idea!," I lamented in the back of mind. I wanted to tell her to let go of me, but I couldn't risk removing my hand from my mouth and nose. Argh! Accursed house dust!

"Woah! That room over there has been blocked off with that large cabinet. Do you think someone is trapped in that room?" Mika asked rather absent-mindedly.

"I don't know but I think that's where the noise was coming from," Jose chimed in.

"What should we do? Do you think we can move it?" just as Mika asked Tiffany tensed up and yanked my arm from my face.


Three loud sneezes managed to escape from the bowels of my nasal cavity before I could cover my face again. Well apparently whoever was in that room heard it because they started banging heavily against the door.

Tiffany started crying and because of my darn allergies it looked like I was crying too and I caught a look of disdain from the corner of Mika's eye which really made me want to cry. "Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!! The Darth Vader of my mind cried out as I realized I was forever doomed to be seen as a coward in Mika's eyes.

"Hello! Do you need help?" Mika yelled out toward the person behind the banging door. The banging stopped.

"Helloooooooo!! Can you hear me?"

But no response.

"I don't know yo" Jose blurted out. "This is getting kinda crazy."

"Don't wimp out on me now like those other two" Mika hissed at him while giving me and Tiffany a dirty look. I think I heard my heart shatter.

"Ok what do you want to do?" Jose replied in a commanding voice, trying to mask his fear.

"Help me move this cabinet."

Jose and Mika walked over to the cabinet blocking the door.

"Hello! We are going to try to move this cabinet so sit tight!" Mika told the mystery person behind the door but again we were met with silence.

Jose and Mika tried really hard to move the cabinet but they were barely able to get it to budge. In frustration Mika yelled at us to come over to help. Tiffany was a lost cause but holding onto my last thread of hope that I could show Mika I wasn't a coward I managed to dislodge Tiffany from my arm with a few more sneezes escaping but I could see Mika was surprised by my display of courage and a small smile cracked between her lips.

"Thanks Malcom"

YESSSSSS!!!!!! I probably looked terrrible with blood shot eyes and snots flowing from my proboscis but now was my chance and I didn't want disappoint. The three of us together finally managed to pull the cabinet away from the door but it came crashing down partially blocking the staircase.

However, before we realized what was what, Tiffany let out shriek and bolted down the stairs. We turned around to find the door open and a headless body walking towards us. Jose quickly hopped over the cabinet and down the stairs and I was about to do the same when I noticed Mika not moving. Her foot was trapped under the cabinet.

With no time to think, I summoned all my strength lifted that blasted cabinet just enough that she could pull her foot free. Achoo! I grabbed her hand and ran to the furthest room in the back, quickly locking the door.

It was pitch black.

"What the hell was that! What the hell was that!" Finally my brain was catching up to everything I had just seen. I just totally saw body walking around with no head!!! It was wearing a strange red and black get up. But there was definitely no head!! Where was the head?!! How the hell does a body walk around with no head?!


And it was then I realized that Mika was holding on to me tightly.


Holy Moly!!! Talk about mixed emotions!! Fear, Happiness, Pain, Soft girl in arms, snot, sweet smell, burning eyes, I want to kiss you, darkness, my brain was definitely on overload. Focus Malcom, focus my internal Miyagi-sensei scolded me. What's most important right now?

"Are you ok?" I asked her.

"I think I broke my foot but other than that and the walking zombie in the hall, yeah."

The walking zombie. Was this Thompson's Freddy? But wait where is the head? If it is a zombie it can't eat us without a head! Maybe we still had a chance!

"Wherrrre.......*gargle sound**gargle splash* "

WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!! Both me and Mika jumped to our feet!!!

There was a splashing sound coming from somewhere in the room.

"Wherrrre.......*gargle sound**gargle splash* "

We need a light!! I quickly grabbed my smart phone and turned on the flash light. We were in a bathroom, on the sink there was Spider-man mask but there was no else in the room.

""*splash* WHERRREEEEE.. IS.....MY.....BODYYYYYY!!!!!

OMG! OMG!! The sound was coming from the toilet. Could this be the zombie's head? I told Mika to sit in the corner and walked cautiously toward the dirty chamber pot. The splashing sound stopped just as I shined my light into the toilet. Mustering what little courage I had left I took a peak and...


I could hear Mika scream and from the corner of my eye I saw the door had swung open and the zombie's body had enter the room before I blacked out. Next thing I knew I was in a hospital bed. Apparently both Mika and I were brought there by some dude named Deadpool. Apparently he left a note with a gift:


Thanks for taking the time to stop by and help me out of that pickle!
I thought I was going to be stuck in that toilet forever! You saved me!
Please accept these limited edition signed Deadpool underpants (to make up for the ones you "sacrificed" saving me lol).
All the cool kids are rocking them this year!


P.S.~Cute girlfriend btw (*~-^)v

The End

Rewards for Marvel Puzzle Quest

*1st Place (1 winner) - 1 cover of your choice, 1 Legendary Token, 500 Hero Points, 10 Command Points & 20k Iso

* Runners up (2 winners) - 1 Legendary Token , 500 Hero Points, 5 Command Points & 10k Iso

* Honorable Mentions (7 winners) - 100 Hero Points, 1 Command Point & 3k ISO

Rewards for Magic: the Gathering - Puzzle Quest

*1st Place (1 winner) - 600 Mana Crystals & 2k Mana Runes

* Runners up (2 winners) - 200 Mana Crystals & 1k Mana Runes

* Honorable Mentions (7 winners) - 60 Mana Crystals & 1k Mana Runes

Guidelines for post submission:

1. Voting will be restricted to three days in order to help mitigate the advantage early posters get with votes.

2. If, for some reason, you will be unable to submit an entry during the selected time period, you may send a PM with your entry to fight4thedream and he will post your submission with your name in the contest thread. Please be sure to mention which contest your are entering: MPQ or MtGPQ.

3. A participant may submit only one entry for each contest. Good luck!

4. Please check all prior entries before posting yours to avoid similar submissions.

5. Forum members may vote for as many entries as they like. However, in the event of a close race please feel free to remove previous upvotes in order to support the entry you feel is best.

6. Please do not post comments or suggestions in the contest threads. A discussion thread will be provided for those that have any questions or comments.

7. Keep it clean and PG-13. While some violence and gore will be inevitable, please be sure to avoid any extreme graphic displays of violence or cruelty. Offensive and vulgar entries will not be tolerated and will earn you an immediate ban from the forum, either temporary or permanent depending on the severity of the offense.

8. The top 10 upvoted posts will be submitted to D3 Go! to determine the winners of the contest.

9. There is no word limit so feel free to write as much or as little as you like. However, bare in mind your writing will be judged first by your peers and then if it makes it to final round, by D3 Go!

10. Also please keep in mind that stories have to include content from either MPQ or MtGPQ.

11. Be creative and have fun! ( ゚ー^)イェー♪

Please remember all submissions must be submitted by October 30th 8pm EST (October 31st 0:00 UTC/GMT) and votes submitted by October 31st EST (November 1st 0:00 UTC/GMT). If you have any questions or comments, please post in the contest in the discussion thread here


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    Scott Lang awoke with a massive head ache and blurry vision. He couldn't remember where he was, or how he even got there. All he knew was what he could see. And what he saw wasn't very reassuring.

    He appeared to be in some kind of cave, tunnel or passage way. The circular walls were a redish pink, and the floor was covered with mud and slime. With a pitch black nothingness in both directions. And the smell. God's above, it was wretched. He had to fight to keep from spilling vomit everywhere. It smelled like a sewer.

    "Where in the world am I?" Scott asked himself while wiping the sweat from his brow. "More importantly, how the hell did I get here.?"

    Just then there was loud, deep growl. "UUUURRRR"

    Scott froze. Not daring to move a muscle. Heart pounding, neck dripping sweat, he looked out into dark abyss. Trying to see what could be making such a deathly howl. Slowly, he shook his head to release the pressure from his throbbing skull and clear his vision. Then he began to inspect his surroundings. The mud slime covering the floor was up to his knees, so his movements weren't very fast as he worked his way to the cave wall for a closer look. As he placed his hand against the smooth surface, he discovered two unsettling facts.

    One, the wall was covered in a sticky, acrid smelling slime, and two, it was very soft. He pressed against it to see how far it would give. Just as he was pressing against it, it moved. It was as if the entire area shook a little. Then he noticed that the walls making up the passage way was pulsating. As if it were alive.

    "That can't be good." Scott replied.

    Just then, the walls began to lurch in and out. At the same time, something let out another spine tingling growl. "UUURRRRRR !!!!"

    The walls suddenly began to close in behind him. Crushing everything in the passage way. More importantly, everyone inside would be crushed as well. Antman tried to run, but the muddy slime filling the cave slowed him to a fast walk.

    The mud was being pushed along behind him, filling the entire area up to his waist. It was at that time that Scott noticed his glove was beginning to smoke. It was as if the slime covering the wall contained some type of acid that was eating through his glove. And eventually, he knew, his suit. And after his suit, himself!

    "UUUURRRR !!!!" There was that growl again.

    "Hello? Is,... is someone there? " he called into the darkness ahead. "I'm kinda lost. Where am I?"

    Part of him hoped that there would be no answer. Another part hoped that if someone, or something, did answer, that it was friendly.

    "HELLO? SCOTTY? THAT YOU BUD?" came a booming voice.

    The voice was loud, and it sounded like it was coming from every direction. Yet it sounded vaguely familiar. Then it clicked. Wade Wilson. aka, Deapool.

    "Wade? Is that you? Where are you? Where are we?". Scott called out.


    "Well, you and me was at that bar, talking to those two hotties. Then I woke up in this place. What happened? Were we attacked, or kidnapped?" Antman asked Deadpool.



    "WHAT?" Shouted Scott. "Are you telling me I'm, ... I'm inside you? In your guts? "


    "You son of a... Grrrrr. Wait, that means that this mud is really... Oh ****!"


    "You're disgusting." Scott yelled


    " Just wait until I get outta here. Which, by the way, is a good question. How do I get out?" Scott said.


    "What? You sick #&!/#$ &'/&^!, I'm going to !*!&^!* you up, you /$*0#$#^¥#/. You twisted !&$!&0#! €! I should grow to full size right now. It would rip you in half and kill you of course, but you deserve it!" Scott yelled angrily.


    "Oh yeah. Healing factor. That's right." Scott said with a sly smile. "Well in that case...."

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    *this submission is from notamutant*
    Setting: Deadpool is slouching on a sofa in his home in the living room, all alone. Crumbling Halloween decorations can be seen in the background, along with a mountain of discarded candy wrappers. Multiple bags are right next to the candy wrapper pile, with writing on the side saying “Mike’s first Halloween treat bag!” and “Candy donations for kids with cancer.” Playing on the TV is the dance scene from Spider-Man 3 starring Tobey Maguire, with the TV station’s subtitle calling it “The scariest super-hero movie scene ever produced.” Deadpool’s mask is lifted off of the bottom of his face, allowing the puddle of drool slowly forming on the floor to keep growing. He seems to be partially dressed in a seriously undersized children’s Wolverine Halloween costume, sticking out in all the wrong places.

    SMASH! Glass shatters in one of the windows in another room in Deadpool’s house.

    Aroused from his gluttonous stupor, Deadpool bolts upright, curious what could’ve disturbed his peaceful and well deserved slumber after a hard nights stealing candy from little kids.

    Deadpool shouts out to whoever might be there, “If you came for my candy, you better have brought a really big gun!”

    The response was immediate, painful, and answered fully in the affirmative to Deadpool’s challenge, as a hole was blown right through his TV. Deadpool looks down to see his newly exploded TV, through the hole in his stomach. He exclaims “Hey, I was watching that!” before passing out a moment later.

    Several minutes later, with most of his stomach healed, minus the parts of the Wolverine costume he was wearing down there, Deadpool wakes up. Staring intently at him from inches away is a ghastly apparition with a white hood on. Deadpool shrieks in horror, and quickly says “I told your boss I am out of the clan for good this time, and nothing he does can bring me back! And if you are a ghost, you really should drop the pink eyes, as they really aren’t that scary. Unless you really have pink eye, in which case, gross.”

    Gwenpool pulls back from Deadpool, allowing him to get a better look at her. Deadpool screams again.
    “Oh no, it’s finally happening! They are finally trying to replace me with a hot female version of Deadpool! My worst nightmare! Think of all the lost merchandising revenue!”

    Gwenpool smacks Deadpool across the face with a giant gun, likely the one she had used earlier to blow a hole through him. She looks down at Deadpool, sighs, and says the only thing she thought would calm him down enough to allow the conversation to progress. “Come with me if you want to live.”

    Unfortunately, Deadpool became even more irate upon hearing that line. He said “She even stole my lines that I stole from others! I am doomed!”

    Another swift smack across the face and Deadpool seems to have finally calmed down.

    Gwenpool says “Listen, I know this isn’t real, you know this isn’t real, but we are both stuck in this together, so help me out here. And the whole name thing is purely a coincidence. I am most definitely not trying to replace you or any other character in this universe.”

    Deadpool’s eyes turn to hearts, and he whispers “I think I am in love,” followed by another smack across the face by Gwenpool.

    Gwenpool says “I’ve been hired to do a job, and I need your help. Someone has been kidnapping children, and we need to find him and stop him. Rumor has it that he has been seen flying around at night laughing like a maniac. So are you in, or do I need to shoot another hole in you?”

    Deadpool’s eyes have now turned to dollar signs. He says “I’ll do it, but I want a full bag of candy as payment. And not any of that “fun-size” bar @#%&, only the best stuff for me.”

    Gwenpool sighs, and says “You’ve got a deal. Now let’s try to find these kids and figure out who has been taking them. I have it on good authority that Spider-Man might be able to point us in the right direction for where we can find the culprit of this dastardly crime. I was hoping you could make the introductions since you were on the Avengers together.”

    Deadpool adjusts his Wolverine claws after accidentally stabbing himself in the leg when reaching for his cell phone, and proceeds to call up Spider-Man. After promising this was serious business, and that kids lives were at stake, Spider-Man agrees to meet up with them.

    After reluctantly riding the subway to Spider-Man in Queens, the three finally meet up.
    Upon seeing Gwenpool and Deadpool together for the first time, Spider-Man starts laughing uncontrollably.

    Deadpool says “I was laughing that hard earlier when I saw your dance scene. You know, you could be replaced by a copycat too, so you shouldn’t be laughing so hard.”

    Spider-Man proceeds to laugh even harder, before finally calming down. “Okay you two, it sounds to me like the kidnapper is the Green Goblin. After all, it is known he loves to play Trick or Treat, only for him he takes it to a much more sadistic level. Let’s find him and bring those kids home safely.”

    After using some complicated machine that seems simplistic at the same time, Spider-Man says he has located the Green Goblin in Midtown Manhattan, and if they go there right away, they might be able to stop him. Half an hour subway ride later, the trio emerges from underground to see the Green Goblin engaged in an aerial battle with a figure with a similar silhouette as Gwenpool. As they get closer, it becomes apparent that Deadpool wasn’t that only one to get a female knockoff of himself, as Spider-Gwen gets knocked down onto the roof they are all standing on.

    The Green Goblin swoops down in front of the quartet. He begins laughing maniacally, and Deadpool joins in. The others all stare at Deadpool, to which he replies “What, how do you not see the humor in this situation? We have a knockoff of Spider-Man, and a knockoff of a knockoff of Spider-Man combined with a knockoff of me. This is gold!”

    Before anyone can respond, the Green Goblin uses the momentary distraction to throw a cluster of pumpkin bombs on the quartet and begins to fly away. Before anyone else can react, Gwenpool pulls out a giant heat seeking rocket launcher and fires it at the Goblin. His glider explodes, and both Spiders dive down trying to stop any debris from hitting the people below. Meanwhile, the Pools track down the Goblin as he makes for a subway entrance, and subdue him before he can escape.

    Deadpool says to the Green Goblin “Now, you know Spider-Man and Spider-Woman would never kill you. Unfortunately for you, despite our similar costumes, we do not have the same hesitation to use violence as a means to an end. Or even just an end. Now where are the kids!”

    After giving him a good thrashing together, Gwenpool and Deadpool extract the children’s whereabouts from the Goblin, and rescue them, leaving behind the Green Goblin tied up to the subway entrance.

    After all was said and done, Gwenpool took the $2,000,000 reward, and gave Deadpool a bag of full-sized candy bars as his payment.

    “Waaaaahhh!” Deadpool screamed, as he woke up in his living room.

    “It must have all been just a dream,” he whispered to himself, before tilting his head down, and seeing the fun-sized candy bar bag sitting in his lap. “NOOOOOOOO!”

    The end.
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    The Red demon

    It’s in a black night,
    From the depths of Darkness,
    Come out demons with growing vicious fangs ...
    The spikey tongue and long sharp curving claws,
    They cross fields and city,
    Seeking victims to devour ...
    We almost do not notice their presence
    When one feels their foul breath,
    Their grunts the rancid stench ...
    You must then be quick,
    Run faster than the wind
    Chased by a hungry pack of blood.
    Showin’ no mercy
    They’ll bleed you dry

    … And so the rampage begins
    Against Carnage and the symbiotes You can’t win
    The darkness, pain and chaos
    Enter now a world of despair, grief and deep sorrow.
    Agony, Phage, Riot, Scream and Lasher
    Everything once colorful will now turn red and grey
    Like a living wide awake nightmare,
    Nowhere to run, the blood!
    Losing all time, distress, mayhem and torment
    Everywhere written in blood CARNAGE RULES
    No chance, you will falls into a void of insanity
    Remember this:
    Your only refuge is MPQ!
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    I should have known better, I really should have, no one to blame but myself, I just couldn't stop....

    I had just finished a massive grind, pulled maybe 2k iso and found myself at the home screen. There was a shiny green button sitting there, you know the one, always telling you how many days you've played and what you get. I HIT THAT STUPID BUTTON! WHAT THE KITTY?

    There was that number...

    800 days..
    And what do I have to show for it...

    10 champed 4*s and 2 5*s with 6 covers....

    I'm never gonna succeed.

    It's too late for me...
    I know this...


    I know I'm stuck here, but YOU!

    YES YOU!!!

    Spread the word, keep others from the fate that befell me!
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    On a moonless night, a dire wind blows over the forest, searching. A Scream pierces the silence of the night, and the wind flows down to the cabin from whence it came and where our tale begins...

    Six figures have gathered round the prone body of a woman in red.
    "Wanda, Wanda, wake up." says the blonde lady, gently shaking Wanda's shoulder
    "It's no use Carol. Whatever she happenned there, she's out cold"
    "She's got something in her hands; what is it Luke?"
    Luke reaches down to move Wanda's hands. As he touches her, she arches her back from the floor and her eyes snap open, emitting an eldritch light into the room
    "He comes in the night" she drones "he comes for us all, and you will be Powerless to stop him". Wanda drops back to the floor and a pulse of the eldritch light flows from her.
    "I don't like this" says Carol "Let's get her back to the quinjet and figure out what's going on."
    Carol moves round to the side of Wanda and slides one arm under her shoulders and the other under her legs before moving to lift her. Shocked, she stops.
    "My strength is gone"
    Slumping down to her knees, she looks at her hands "I can't feel any of my powers"
    Silence dominates the air. The rasp of metal rings out in the cabin, followed by a yelp of pain.
    "What the heck did you do that for?" Luke shouts, clamping his hand over a freshly made cut, while turning to confront Wade.
    "I just wanted to see if everyone's powers were effected"
    "Well, you could've done it to yourself first"
    "I did" replied Wade, holding up his left hand to show his pinkie broken in three places.
    "You are so weird" comes a voice from the corner.
    "Speak for yourself Clint. I'm not the one that takes arrows to fight Galactus..."
    Clint steps out of the corner and starts towards Wade "Says the guy who brings a sword."
    Scott stands up from beside Wanda and steps between them "I don't need this beef between you to carry on just now. We have to figure out what's going on"
    Wade mutters something.
    "What was that Wade?"
    "He started it when threw out the last of my Chimichanga"
    "It was MOULDY!"
    "It's OK, i never get sick for long"
    A hush descends on the cabin again. The sound of the Wind rustling through the trees can be heard outside.
    "ok fearless leader"
    "Waaade" warns Scott.
    Wade throws his hands up and turns to warm himself at the fire.
    "So the situation is we're out here in this cabin, Wanda has touched something that has drained our powers, so I'm guessing it's mystical."
    "anyone got a number for Stephen Strange?"
    "who's that Wade?"
    "oh, I forgot, he's not actually in game yet, is he."
    Everyone looks at Wade
    After a pronounced pause, Scott continues, "anyway, powerless, we are definitely weaker, so we need to plan this out"
    Natasha turns from the window "Speak for yourself about being weaker."
    Scott looks at her "point taken, but there's no need to be so frosty"
    "Whatever". Natasha looks back out of the window. "Somethings not right; I can't see the quinjet landing lights."
    Luke opens the door and steps out onto the porch. The wind brushes past him, bringing itself further into the cabin. The boards creak with every step. "That's wierd, they were clear from here before." He starts down the steps and the darkness seems to shrink away from him "hang on, I think I can see it now"
    "I can definitely see something flashing"
    "I'll be able to see it clearly from just over there I reckon"
    "LUKE. Don't go out there"
    "What are you talking About Wade?
    "Luke, you're black. If you go out there, you are going to die"
    Luke turns back towards the door. "Are you being racist now?"
    "No, it's just that I figured it out." Luke twists back away in disgust. "We're in a horror story"
    As his foot touches the ground in front of the last step, Luke glances back over his shoulder "Quiet fool!" while letting go of the handrail. The darkness seems to ripple and pulse, then reaches out, engulfing Luke in black tendrils, pulling him in.
    "See. The black guy always dies first"

    "so you are telling us this is some kind of horror movie."
    "Yes Scott, you are *finally* getting this"
    "It must be Mojo..."
    "I don't care who it is, I just want us all to get out of here alive"
    "That's not like you to worry about other people Wade"
    "Naw, I'm not worried about you, I just don't want the X-men and Avengers knocking on my door if I'm the only one left alive." Natasha's hand lashes out, slapping Wade across the back of his head.
    "Hey!" Natasha glowers at Wade.
    "Anyhoo, look who we've got here, the Jock (Scott Summers, with a sexy posterior like that, he must've been in the football team), The Blonde (Carol Danvers, all natural too, and I mean *all*), the Sexy B**** (Natasha Romanof, the Russian ice Queen stuff works for me, big time), Wanda Maximoff (the Kooky Strange one, yet still utterly sexy) and the we had Luke Cage (the Black Guy, who, TAADAA, died first)"
    As Wade talks round the room, they take turns glaring and throwing insults at him. When he finishes, Clint asks "What about me?"
    "Eh? Oh, yeah, Clint Barton (the Loser that everyone forgets about, but might survive so that the losers watching think they too have a shot at the hot chicks)."
    "This doesn't prove anything yet"
    "There we go Clint, you're the one who doesn't believe it. But this is real, and I just need to keep you alive till the morning."
    "Why the morning?"
    "Thanks for asking Carol. We all heard the curse Wanda let out, He comes in the night, and we are Powerless to stop him. Come daylight, we'll get our powers back, it's the rules. If you don't believe me, just give it a couple more minutes; there has been plenty of time for exposition (except I'd need 5 more pages in a Bendis comic), so something has to happen soon. I'm guessing lights go out, the door slams open or noises start coming from under that cellar door"
    They all sit in silence for a few minutes, until Clint stands up. "You can't really be taking his seriously. We've gotta go find Luke"
    "Just give it two more..."
    There is a crack of lightning outside, and the door crashes open. A second flash silhouettes a figure in the doorway, the wind whipping up his coat as it pushes past. "I warned you kids not to come down into the woods" it growls
    "Oh no, it's Old Man Logan, we saw him when we got off the quinjet!" Wade pulls out a shotgun a blast him off the porch and into the woods. There is a sound of tearing flesh, muffled in the darkness, "these old guys are always up to no good" quips Wade twisting back to the group. "So here are the ground rules"
    The wind tries to whip round the room, to distract them, but it can't find the strength, so retreats into a corner to watch what unfolds.
    "Rule 1: never go anywhere alone. When you are alone is when they will get you."
    "A sensible precaution."
    "Thanks Scott, but if I need your support, I'll tell you what that support is."
    " Rule 2: no sex. I'm looking at you Clint and you Natasha"
    "Wade, nothing is happening between us."
    "I know that Clint (I've looked in the windows), but strange things happen in these stories, and I've seen the looks you give her. rule 3: don't talk about loved ones back home, and how you can't wait to see them. It makes you a magnet for death."
    " Any other rules you want us to ignore, sorry, *follow*"
    "No, just listen good. There will be other things to tempt people away, so we've gotta be sneaky to get through the night. But I don't trust any of you to stay alive."
    "Listen Wade, I'm a born leader, I know that we can work this out together"
    "Sure thing Fearless. But I have something I think will really help. Lean in close everyone."
    Somewhat skeptically, everyone huddles in round Wade's closed fist. As he opens it, he suddenly leans back, as a concussive blast erupts from his hand. His fingers are shredded and the others lie unconscious around him. "Stun grenade" says Wade to the air, "Make them all unconscious so I don't have to worry about any of them wandering off. And I know what you are thinking, if they are all asleep, isn't he alone? Couldn't a Siren get him?" He takes out a pistol with his good hand, holds it up to his ear and let's off a shot, then repeats it on the other side. "THESE BURST EAR DRUMS WILL HEAL IN THE MORNING, BUT I CAN HEAR JACK RIGHT NOW. AND I'M NOT ALONE, YOU'RE WITH ME DEAR READER"

    The night passes rather uneventfully after that; he can't hear the Succubi calling to him, and when a fire demon attempted to enter through the hearth, he shot it in the head and toasted marshmallows over its skull. In fact, he had such a good night, he didn't even realise that it was dawn until his hearing came back.
    "Well Wade, another job well done," he declared to the silent room, "but I've got something else to deal with now." Standing up, he leaned back, clicking his spine back into place and headed out through a corridor to the back of the cabin. He reaches a door and pauses. Turning round he says "uh-uh, you don't want to be following me in here, that mouldy Chimichanga has been in here all night", pointing at his stomach, "this is going to be reeeeeeeeeal bad." With that he closes the door and locks it shut.
    But the wind doesn't care, the wind still isn't done with him, the wind whistles through the cracks to find Wade squatting on the toilet. "wade" it whispers "you forgot one thing wade"
    Alarmed, Wade looks down at his broken hand, which is now no longer healing.
    In a shower of wood, a hand smashes through the wall of the cabin, punching a hole right through his body. He looks down to see talons bursting out of him with a spray of blood and entrails. The hand protruding from him clenches into a fist, and he is dragged backwards through the wall. As he passes through he sees the front of the cabin bathed in the morning sunlight while the rear remains in shadows.
    A voice behind him whispers, in a tone like the sound of corpses rotting in the grave, "Red shirts always die"

    "Oh cr....."
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    The Raving
    A Marvel Puzzle Quest Cautionary Poem

    Once upon a midnight dreary, matching colors weak and weary
    Just trying to up my score.
    Mouse in hand and nearly napping, at my door there came a tapping
    A tapping at my chamber door
    Only this and nothing more.

    Leaping from futon, muttering, griping - leaving myself open to Versus Point Sniping
    I started t'ward my chamber door
    (And if you think I'm having a piss, I lost thirty five points while just typing this!
    Hopefully that and nothing more)

    A gasp in my throat and my voice at a stammer, the knocking became a thundering H.A.M.M.E.R
    A pounding at my chamber door.

    I knew in a week we'd start Days of Strange - was the veiled pulled back from my Roster range?
    A manifestation at my chamber door?

    What did lurk at this eldritch hour - while I dutiful worked at the Season of Power?
    This thing just outside - what could it be?(Not any Raven - that's another IP. )

    Murderous Carnage with symbiote slobber?
    Or like a Great Pumpkin - The Thing - free time to clobber?

    A Green grinning Goblin - tossing pumpkins from roosts?
    (I know during Boss Rush he made me eat all my boosts.)

    Guns at the ready and more covers than Vogue - it could be Black Widow - (yet we're missing a Rogue???)
    Perhaps Professor X - I hear that he's broken. (Nope - Still missing his face and I spent several tokens.)

    WHO? I did ponder - who's in my hall?
    A champed 3 star Deadpool? Gonna break my fourth wall?

    Panda slippers kicked off and ready to fight - I prepared for the creature bumping my night.
    Fingers a tremble - the knob I did turn - steeling myself 'gainst Torchy's Flame Jet big burn.

    But it wasn't some mutant ready to bash in my head - just my Sig-O saying "Come back to bed.."
    No horrible Dark 'Venger in my doorway did crouch - just a person unsure why I fall asleep on the couch.

    Because here's the big scare - Dear Readers and Friends: Some peeps just don't get that the fight never ends.
    With characters steeped in comic book lore, battling Dark Reign is an unceasing chore.

    icon_twisted.gif Always this....and one cover more. icon_twisted.gif
  • On a dark desert screenboard, cool wind in my hair
    Warm smell of souvenirs, rising up through my mind
    Up ahead in the list apps, I saw a shimmering game
    My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
    I had to download for the night

    There was Storm in the doorway
    I heard the mission bell
    And I was thinking to myself
    'This could be heaven or this could be Hell
    Then she lit up a storm break and she showed me the way
    There were voices down the tchat room
    I thought I heard them say

    Welcome to the Mpq new contest
    Such a lovely game (such a lovely game)
    Such a lovely race
    Plenty of (tchat) room at the Mpq new contest
    Any time of year (any time of year) you can find it here

    My mind is definitely -twisted, he got the power on my life
    he got a lot of pretty, pretty boys, that he calls roster
    How they dance in the screenboard , sweet addictive game
    Some dance to remember, some dance to forget

    So I called up the Commandant
    'Please bring me my alliance
    He said, "we haven't had that spirit here since nineteen sixty-nine
    And still those voices are calling from far away
    Wake you up in the middle of the night
    Just to hear them say"

    Welcome to the marvel puzzle quest
    Such a lovely place (such a lovely place)
    Such a lovely game
    They livin' it up at the Mpq alliances
    What a nice surprise (what a nice surprise), bring your alibis

    Mirrors on the ceiling
    The pink champagne on ice
    And she said, 'we are all just prisoners here, of our own device
    And in the master's chambers
    They gathered for the feast
    They stab it with their steely knives
    But they just can't kill the beast

    Last thing I remember, I was
    Running for the new 5*
    I had to find the passage back to the place I was before
    'Relax' said the night man
    'We are programmed to receive
    You can check out any time you like
  • Raw Emotions by [Doc Cold 1]

    "I want your goons, Kingpin." Yelled the Hood.
    "Hood, I remember when you worked with me. And if you think I would even obey a former pawn then you have mistaken greatly" Kingpin responded in a cool and calm voice.
    "No, it is you who have greatly mistaken" Laughed Hood
    Then the Hood nearly killed the Kingpin and left him alive for Osborn.

    The monster then went outside the warehouse and declared the goons will obey him and only him, this echoed through out New York. And this called forth heroes with dark pasts and dark futures, these heroes were Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, and Blade in his new Vampire hunting gear. And apparently Blade made himself the leader of these Midnight Sons.

    "So Mr.Knight, do you have the plan yet?" Said Blade
    "Of course, we run in their kill Osborn, and then we're be out of this mess." Replied Mr.Knight
    "I like that plan, let's go!" Yelled The Rider while he was zooming in his bike.
    They when to the base but what they found was horrible, ripped up, and scattered around the place, Human parts.
    "What happened?" Yelled the Ghost Rider "Who ever did this will be stared!"
    "Me!" yelled a voice from across the room.
    It was the Hood, with Old Man Logan who was covered in blood and tears.

    "Logan, How did this happen to you?" questioned Blade
    "They got X-23 in chains, she's the only one who cares for me now." Said Logan in tears "Even my son hates me I have to this so I can get my family back."
    "Moon Knight call the X-Men." said Blade
    Logan unleashed his claws. He charged into Blade. Blade drew his sword and their blades clashed with sparks. Moon Knight used Moon Boomerangs to attack the Old Warrior from far away. But they were useless. Then the Ghost Rider tried to use his Penance Stare but before he could he knocked out by the Hood and his goons. There last hope was the X-Men in this vicious battle.

    The X-Men came in with Cyclops, Colossus, and Magneto.
    "Logan,what are you doing?" Asked Cyclops.
    "You are not real are you?" Said Logan "I killed the X-Men a long time ago."
    "You would never kill us" Said Colossus "We're fam-"
    "No, you are dead you I sorry but you have to stay dead." Cried Logan while he was charging at Colossus. He then he almost slashed and sliced him apart right in front of the others.
    "Logan, just knock them out" Ordered the Hood. Logan did as he asked. But he never saw X-23 or Daken again because when the job was done, the Hood shot him in the heart and he was sent to the Dark Avengers.

    The Midnight Sons were captured and sent to the Dark Avengers H.A.M.M.E.R. base for questioning. The villains won that battle but hopefully not the war.
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    In a Nightmare Reality -

    Piecing Together Trump Puzzle Quest: President Trump
    The Supreme Leader is heading to Trump Puzzle Quest

    The Democrat's deadly challenger Clinton threatens the “Trump Puzzle Quest” universe with e-mail-sending terror and it’s up to players to harness all of President Trumps’s mystical armaments and take her down. E4 Stop! Producer Austin Josh dropped by to talk about this big new story event and the two different President Trump variations players can earn in the coming weeks! With President Trump being inaugrated in a few short weeks I hear there's a whole peace loving world waiting for players in "Puzzle Quest." Can we get a tl;dr?

    Austin Josh: Yes! President Trump is coming to Trump Puzzle Quest as not just one, but two playable versions! For the first time in probably forever, President Trump will have a 3-star version (The Modest) and a 5-star version (Supreme Leader). This is the first 3-star we have released in some time (before my time on the project) and I'm sure a lot of Trump Puzzle Quest fans will be very excited to get their hands on a new 3-star!

    With the new character, we also have a new Story Event called Strange New World, where the player will be entering three different doors with a new animation that takes the player to an alternate universe where mindless voters and other tanned guys are in control. Get through the story mode to fight off against Clinton! I gotta ask, what goes into creating and executing on a big event like this? The crazy debates, the allegations, the deplorables we're fighting, who works on all that stuff?

    Austin Josh: With these larger events that are a part of presidential campaign, there is a lot of planning and approvals to get through so we have to build in time to get things through in time for release. With a real-life-based character and storyline, we receive direction from Obama both in notes and from reference materials. As it gets moving, the game art is passed around for review to people at the White House and others in Congress. The story outline is written by designers then passed to a writer (Irvine ALex in this case) to provide that awesome Trump touch that the ladies love. When it's all done and all sides are happy we are good to go! It’s awesome to hear that everyone works so hard to make these things a success. Ok now on to the meat and potatoes: can we talk about President Trump and his abilities? What kind of tanned tricks will we be harnessing as the Orange One's successor?

    Austin Josh: Because there are two characters coming out, this is going to be a little long!

    President Trump (The Modest) and President Trump (Supreme Leader) are 3 and 5-star characters respectively. President Trump's first ability is called Orange Bands of New York and it costs 9 Orange for both variations, yes we've added a whole new color for this character especially. This power converts a chosen basic tile into a Countdown tile and stuns the target for 2 turns at lower levels and up to 3 turns the higher the cover level. The Countdown tile for each turn deals damage on the board (3-star level 145 damage, to 1772 damage maxed 5-star) and destroys enemy AP of the color that the Countdown tile ends up being. Think of this as listening to one of Trumps speeches which leave you a little confused and stunned.

    His second ability is Wig of Wonder which costs 11 purple AP for both President Trump Star tiers. For 3-star President Trump (The Modest) this power removes up to 2 random enemy Attack tiles and the player gains 2 Purple AP. At higher levels this can remove random Attack, Protect, Strike, Invisibility and Trap tiles and up grant up to 4 Purple AP to the player. For 5-star President Trump (Supreme Leader) this power creates a colorless wig tile that activates each turn removing a random enemy attack tile and the wig tile can't be removed from the board. At higher levels this power removes 1 of each tile types above at random each turn.

    Lastly the third ability is called Fires of Fury that has a Passive component and a 14 AP blonde cost for the 5-star added to the Passive ability. For 3-star President Trump (The Modest) this ability is a passive and thus costs 0 AP. Each time an opponent uses a power, it deals 212 damage to the target and gives a burst of 45 health to the player’s team. For 5-star President Trump (Supreme Leader) this ability has both passive and active elements. It still deals damage to your opponent every time their characters use a power, but for 14 blonde AP, you can deal almost double the damage on a whim. At maxed level 5 this power deals 16,016 damage! What are some of the things players should be looking out for? Any special rewards for cleaning Clinton's clock?

    Austin Josh: This event will feature four or five ways to get your hands on President Trump, rather than hom putting his hands on you! First, like any other Story event, there will be a store that will have increased odds at getting the 3-Star President Trump. There will also be a new Legendary Store that will feature the 5-Star version of President Trump at increased odds. Lastly, there will be three, ten item Limited Vaults (one for for each sub-chapter) with one item being a pack for the special Legendary Store. The last mission of each sub-chapter will give you a token for each of the vaults. Additional tokens can also be purchased. All dollars used to purchase these tokens will go right to Trump's supporter drive. And what else do we need to know about President Trump's big new event?

    Austin Josh: President Trump is available November 3 and his all-new PVE event is called Strange New World. Trump will also have a Versus event as well, called Strange Days, that is set to run starting in the evening of November 8 where players can earn 3-star President Trump. The event before that, Red Shift, is scheduled to start on the evening of November 5, which will also reward President Trump (Stephen Strange) for the top players.

    And I can’t forget to share that this is the first event that players can vote on their own path. We are excited to see how people respond to it and hope to add it to future events. In addition, we’ve integrated some cool new animations into the event. Players will choose a node over a dimensional doorway, then an animation of the door and the camera zooming into that dimension will play. It’s just a cool thing we wanted to try out. Also, to keep things interesting, the Clinton boss node recharges daily. When does all this mystical mumbo jumbo come to an end?

    Austin Josh: The President Trump Story Event will conclude Tuesday, November 8. The event will enter the normal Event rotation once it has concluded.

    Take a crack at the Supreme Leader here and stay tuned to for more “Trump Contest of Champions” news and interviews, as well as the latest on President Trump in other Trump Games. Trump Insiders also earn points for checking out each of these articles. To become a Trump Insider, join here:
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