Roster all the 3* characters?

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I know that this question has been asked many times, but should I roster all the 3* characters before I add more 4 * characters? I have 19 championed 3*, and 8 un-rostered 3* (Beast, Bullseye, Captain Marvel, Gamora, Rocket, Sentry, Spier-man, Captain America). I truly have little interest in playing as these characters. I have 7 4* characters in my inbox (Wasp, Rulk, Miles, Kate Bishop, Peggy, Star-Lord and War Machine). I have enough HP to add three roster slots.

Should I add Rulk, Peggy and one more 4* or should I take the 1000 iso for those covers and start building Gamora, Captain, etc.

Thanks for the help?
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