Can Nick Fury be my first max 4*?

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So I currently have twelve covers for Nick Fury and will soon have the thirteenth. Whether that be through progression is Class of 2016 (Highly unlikely, but I did reach 900 in Dino's PVP) or through his daily resupply reward given on day 400 something. I'm wondering whether or not it's advisable to max Fury before any other 4*. The only other 4* I have remotely close to 13 covers is Hulkbuster with 11 covers, and it could take me months to finally pull those last two. I don't suspect Fury will be buffed anytime soon due to him not being the worst 4* and because it seems like the devs are only buffing a handful of characters per season (or nerfing, everything is up in the air right now). So, as he is now, could I take Fury to 270 and be alright, or would that just mess my scaling and MMR up and leave me with a 270 character who can't hold his own? Thanks for any feedback given.

tl;dr Can I take Fury to max level and have him as my only maxed 4* and still be able to compete (relatively speaking)?
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