Avacyn's Madness manipulated

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Now it has happened multiple times that whenever I would hit a progression milestones exactly, the game will cheat and give me one point less so I will miss the mark. Just now I had 265 points so I played a 10 point match to get the 275 for the booster reward.
I won, the 10 point score flashed, I pressed continue... and had 274 points total. This has happened now about four or five times in different instances of the event and I am baffled. Why would they make it like this? It's deliberate fraud without any discernible gain other than to make people angry who are playing the game.
Can anyone else confirm having the same experience?


  • Abenjes
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    I can't say I noticed/ I'll keep an eye out now though if they do another Avacyn event.