Happy 3-Yr. Anniversary, MPQ!

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Marvel Puzzle Quest fans - it's time to party!

Today, October 3rd, MPQ officially celebrates its 3-Year Anniversary! Thank you everyone, for continuing to make the game a great place to hang-out and play. We know you're excited to get some news about what's in store, so read on for first details...

When is the Anniversary?
The Anniversary starts at 7:00 AM EDT October 6th and ends at 3:00 AM EDT on October 17th.

Is there a Sale?
Yes! The sale runs from Midnight EDT on October 1st and ends at Midnight EDT on October 7th.

What events are running during the Anniversary?
There are four Versus events and three Story events running during the Anniversary. Versus events include new events like Best Friends Forever, Class of 2016 and Gwenpool’s featured event. Story events include the Simulator, Venom Bomb and a brand new event called Boss Rush. Here is a full schedule:

Versus Events
    BEST FRIENDS FOREVER - Starts 8:00 PM EDT 10/6
    RRRAAAWWWR! - Starts 8:00 AM EDT 10/9
    CLASS OF 2016 - Starts 8:00 PM EDT 10/11
    I CHOOSE YOU! - Starts 8:00 PM EDT 10/13

    Story Events
      The Simulator - Starts 7:00 AM EDT 10/6
      Venom Bomb - Starts 7:00 AM EDT 10/9
      Boss Rush - Starts 12:00 PM EDT 10/13

      What is Boss Rush?
      Boss Rush is a new type of boss event where the Boss Mission is a wave mission comprising three bosses. The bosses can either be existing bosses like Galactus and Ultron or brand new Boss-Versions of existing characters like Wolverine (Old Man Logan), Phoenix, Green Goblin and so on. Boss Rush is also different in that it has additional rewards for top performing Alliances and Alliance members.

      I love Devil Dino, will he be back?
      Not only is he coming back but he is also getting an overhaul in powers! Each of his powers has been reevaluated and has extra damage or tile destruction added.

      Are any Characters coming out during the Anniversary?
      You betcha! Gwenpool, a 4-Star Character, is making her debut on October 6th. She will be earnable to players who perform well during the Story event The Simulator. She’ll be in the Venom Bomb Vault afterwards. The last Versus event in the Anniversary is her featured event called I Choose You!

      Gwenpool? Really?! What does she do?
      She’s really cool. She has a power called Sploits! That involves entering cheats to do all sorts of devastating (or weird) stuff. She has a power that sends her teammates airborne (Why? to save them from taking damage!) and an ability that lets you shoot random enemies...as long as you get the gun.

      How are the rewards this year?
      We turned it up to 11 this year! All events have double Iso-8, are chock full of Anniversary tokens and other increased rewards!

      What are the Anniversary tokens for?
      The Anniversary Vault! The Anniversary vault is a 100 item vault that includes Legendary Tokens, Devil Dino Covers, 4-Stars and lots of Jackpot Hero Point and Iso-8 items!

      Do I get any Tokens for free?
      Yes, yes you do. Everyone will get a free Anniversary token as a thank you from us for another amazing year of Marvel Puzzle Quest!

      Do Anniversary events have Clearance Levels?
      No. Anniversary events do not have Clearance Levels.