The Irrelevant 7 Part Deux: The 4*'s released since 5/16



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    jobob wrote:
    Pylgrim wrote:
    I agree in most things with you but I'm wondering why you think that Quake is not 2nd tier in PVP? Her passive blankets the best powers of half of the 8 tier 1 characters.
    Her passive blanket is excellent when the AI fires AOE... And completely wasted when they don't. Out of the Top 4* and most common 5*... You have only 3 characters with normal AOE (JG, Ice, Rulk) and 2 with AOE only if you are doing it wrong (OML/Phx). Quake's value goes up, I suppose, if one of those 3 are boosted... But in that scenario, you would still want to take the boosted character and not Quake. If she's boosted... Sure, take her along to mitigate other Quakes, but then you are losing utility on her own AOE... Either it gets nerfed by enemy Quake, or you kill their Quake first and your damage is only against 2 enemies, not 3 like you want it.

    If there were no 5* tier, and we had just released Jean, Rulk, Ice... I would rank her higher. But with the current teams I face in PVP, I just am not seeing her as being in that next grouping.

    (That said, it isn't like I put 1/3 into each tier... So I'm not saying she's bottom tier... I just don't see her as being just below the cream of the crop)
    Could you please elaborate on this? Do you mean as part of the combo with X-Force? Then why not mention him too?
    stoch nailed it... His passive will be triggered nearly every turn, maybe multiple times. And, since the most likely first 5* you will run is OML or Phx, you should have some strike tiles out to make his passive really nasty.

    Thanks, that's good reasoning. I do indeed bring my championed Quake everytime the opponent has Jean Grey, Rhulk or Iceman (unless a more powerful combination is to be had with the available buffed characters for the 2-non featured), but not when fighting against single-target-nuke characters (like Cyclops or 4pool), which I see just as often.
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    simonsez wrote:
    I'm not sure hb and teen Jean can still be considered top tier anymore.
    HB can still one-shot almost anyone, and JG is still your best goon option.

    I haven't used Hulkbuster, even buffed, in a long time, except in Patch's PvP. And Teen Jean is your best clean-up option for goons (possibly matched by Spider-Woman now), but Phoenix is better at taking the goons out (when you get there).
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