Adding 5* to a 2* line up.

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Will adding 5* to a beginning 2* champion line up impact my scaling noteably for pve and pvp?


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    Sorry posted in wrong area
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    Most likely. Wait until you have some maxed threestars.
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    1 5-star is likely beneficial to a champion 2-star roster. Your average PvE node will go up by a significant amount--maybe even 50 levels--but that jump shouldn't make them too hard, and you now have a level 255 character with high match damage to help out. In PvP, you will have a tanky character that gives you a big advantage climbing to the higher tier rewards.

    Obviously how useful this 5-star will be is based on which character it is and what cover. But the least you can do is roster them and see if it really affects you that much. I wouldn't suggest leveling them up at all, though, not for a long time, until you have some 4-stars in that level range.
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    In Versus mode teams consisiting of 2 x 2 star.png and 1 x 1 cover 5 star.png are very tasty targets for any reasonable 3 star.png team, that will be matched against. In story mode You will also feel the pain of the scaling like for 3 star.png roster. My advise is: don't do it. I have recently champed almost all pending 3 star.png , only 2 (1 very important icon_e_sad.gif) missing and just started to think about using my commandpoints.png and token_legendary.png , cause none of my champions reached level 200 yet. In the meantime I've sold 5 star.png character twice, cause scaling was a pain in the ...
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