Story: Zendikar 1-2 #5, Culling Drone

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First, sorry if I missed something on the forum but I did search.

I've gone up against this level with my lv 51 Nissa a few times and lost by a big margin each time. I could focus on leveling up Nissa but it doesn't seem like that'll help much here. Even when I get good card draws, I still end up with a board quickly filling with void gems. By the time I've gotten 24 loyalty to clear the board (to some degree), I'm either on death's door having made 2 and 3 mana matches for a few turns, or having generated almost no mana because I've been matching loyalty gems.

Is there any reasonable way to defeat this level (and I assume the later Zendikar challenges) without BFZ Process/Devoid cards? The few of those I have aren't great (and specifically not too useful in this challenge). Overall, I only have a handful of Mythics and Rares. (Nissa-playable Mythics: Hangarback & Sigarda. Nothing for great mana generation like Shrine or Drownyard.)

Should I get a BFZ 14 pack for Devoid/Process effects now that the packs are available? (Well, yes I should in general, but is that the best way to beat the level?) Or is another PW better suited (Jace for bouncing, Lil for deathtouch, etc. -- all others are in the 26-32 level) for this and later Zendikar levels?