Increased Scaling On Easy Missions

David [Hi-Fi] Moore
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Happy Friday, everyone.

Anthony at Demiurge wanted to point out a recent bug fix (in R110) that has caused some players to wonder what's up. Here's the good word:
    "Some people may have noticed that easy missions (Including the 2-Star Required missions) are noticeably harder than before. This is actually due to a bug fix in R110 which I will call out below: 'Missions that have a maximum difficulty (like the 2-Star Required mission) no longer have different difficulties for different rosters of much different strengths.' There was a 'order of operations' issue where the scaling was being determined after the mission difficulty cap was taken into account. This also has the side-effect where missions were actually easier than they were intended to be. We are looking at these numbers and have made the 2-Star Required pins easier in the Story event that starts Monday (Dark Avengers: Heroic). We'll continue to look at player performance and feedback and make changes in future Story events."