Separate achievement rewards for unorthodox teams/conditions

I posted this in GD, but I think it warrants a separate suggestions thread. Sorry for being a motormouth today icon_lol.gif

One common complaint right now is that current meta is mostly Thor/C.Storm/X, and it can be boring to just see the same characters over and over, as well as the way point loss works to discourage multiple retaliations.

Whatever else we do with tourney point losses, I suggest a separate achievements award system for tourneys (which could be refreshed each tourney with new conditions) that grants separate rewards for specific conditions to encourage different team comps and different user behavior. Some examples:

- Win 10 matches with at least one 1-star team member
- Win 10 matches with a full 1-star team
- Win 10 matches with Dark Widow on your team
- Win 10 matches with at least one Dark Avenger on your team
- Retaliate 10 times
- Use boosts in at least 10 matches
- Win at least 20 matches with no boosts
- Beat at least 10 opponents whose team's total level is at least 15 higher than your total team level
- Win 10 matches using only (INSERT COLOR HERE) abilities
- Win 10 matches using only abilities that MUST cost X AP or *MORE* (to reward players for not using spammy characters like Ragnarok & Spidey)
- Create at least 100 strike tiles
- Create at least 100 attack tiles
- Create at least 100 protect tiles
- Create at least 100 countdown tiles
- Steal at least 100 AP
- Create at least 100 locked cocoon tiles icon_lol.gif

I'm guessing this would not be trivial to implement, but I think it could add an interesting new wrinkle to tourneys, since you could vary up the achievement rewards for each tourney. icon_razz.gif