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How to Rank Up Character Abilities?

slipdslipd Posts: 7Age Unconfirmed
edited September 2016 in ATPQ General Discussion
Is it just by getting the same character through the roster shop, then clicking "upgrade"?

And what is the highest rank each ability can rank up?


  • David [Hi-Fi] MooreDavid [Hi-Fi] Moore Posts: 2,872Age Unconfirmed Site Admin
    Hi. Thanks for the question. Here's an answer from the developers:
      "Once players get a copy of a character that has greater or equal to their star they go into the Recruits menu. When they highlight the character they will see an Upgrade button appear in the list of sell, add etc. From there it will take you to another screen where it will show you that you are adding up the Ability Rank or upgrading the character to a new Star Rank. Ranks are from 1-5 Star Ranks are Bronze -> Silver -> Gold Hope this helps!"
  • slipdslipd Posts: 7Age Unconfirmed
    Thank you! I was planning to save up 3000 coins to get gold characters, but now that I know how practically impossible it is to rank up gold abilities, I'm just not going to bother and will simply stick to getting bronze and silver recruits to make everyone silver and rank up all their abilities.

    Unless, of course, gold abilities are just that much better than the rest, even when they're rank 1? Wish there was a list somewhere or something that showed what all the characters' abilities do at rank 5.
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