2 concurrent events is a bit much

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Just wanted to provide some feedback somewhere.

Having 9 nodes to keep track of across two events feels like a tall ask. Estimating 6 minutes per match, that roughly an hour of playtime every 4 hours to remain current in it. It feels like work more than enjoyable to simply keep up and avoid "wasting" matches/points.

I think tweaking the match banking or not running concurrent events in the future is called for.

Just my two cents. Thanks for the fun game, since I don't think that gets said often enough generally.


  • JanksMcJank
    JanksMcJank Posts: 62 Match Maker
    I like it.

    I keep seeing myself and guild in the bottom two tiers. Maybe a bonus uncommon.
    This gives me a chance to focus on one event and some will focus on the other icon_mrgreen.gif
  • EDHdad
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    They're handing out twice as many prizes to the same number of people. There are a lot more people in the bottom 7,800 coalitions than there are in the top 10.
  • zaann85
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    Top 10 is where its at!