Completion Bonus

I've just completed the entire Prologue. 100% of the drops & 100% of the boosts found.

After I received the last drop from Ragnarok it took me back to the map and I waited for several seconds...

Nada. Nothing. No more.

There was no fanfare or "Congratulations!" message. Then I got to thinking...

Wouldn't it have been nice to get something - anything - aside from the normal drops once I've 100% completed a chapter?

I'm not talking about just an "oh I beat everything here once!" kind of complete. I'm talking about I've replayed every episode at least 4 times and had my @$$ handed to me by countless Maggia, HAMMER Goons, and varioius baddies... I WANT SOMETHING!

In all seriousness... even Angry Birds does this. You beat every level and it says "Great. You only kinda suck. Now go 3-star everything and then we will talk." Then it unlocks something or gives you something.

There is no such progression-related rewards in this game to look forward to. Other than the wam, tingly feeling that is now fading, I'm left with a game that I can only now 25% enjoy because there is no more story.

What I think could keep this game more interesting:
- 100% Chapter completion rewards (Heroic Pack tickets would be cool)
- Achievement quests - After you 100% the game (because PvE/P does get old sometimes):
    1. Beat -insert baddies-
(i.e. 100 HAMMER Goons) within XX minutes
    2. Beat XXX mission within XX turns
    3. Achieve a cascade combo matching XX sets
    4. Win XX PVP/E tourneys in a row
    5. Win XX PVP/E tourneys in a row without healing or leveling
    6. Collect XXXX Iso-8 within XX minutes

The list goes on and on and on....


  • Agree, there should be separate rewards, even something just small, for 100%-ing every prologue map, and another separate reward for 100%-ing the entire prologue.

    Going forward, every new PVE map should have a 100% clear bonus as well, even if it's small...I know I'd definitely play a lot more PVE if there were guaranteed rewards waiting for me on the other side. icon_e_biggrin.gif
  • In game achievements where like comic characters fight each other or when you max a character, or win with 5 hp left. These small surprising achievements really make a good game, great, in my eyes

    Also a set of missions, one for each tile color(and you can only pick 1 and only once) where it would permemnantly level up that color damage.

    Also being able to build teams that would have special bonuses together, similar to marvel ultimate alliance,

    Some of the thoughts in my head, keep up the good work guys. Me and my girlfriend are both playing this game like gangbusters