Saheeli's deck sucks

Mcjordan Posts: 82 Match Maker
edited September 2016 in MtGPQ Events
It can't deal with Olivia or RC. I just faced a deck with Harness, Olivia, devils, smite, etc and had 0 chance. I even drew Exert Influence, but was smited FOUR TIMES. There are not nearly enough answers in this **** deck. Ugh.



  • Serakiel
    Serakiel Posts: 37 Just Dropped In
    Agreed. My whole entire deck including 44/44 thopter got wiped out by one stupid carriage card. How are you supposed to win when there is no possible way to destroy a single card that wipes out your entire deck? Freaking stupid
  • jimilinho_
    Just been playing this event to pick up a few more points and this deck is horrendous.

    Considering some of the mythics it does have it could have had at least one of Engulf the shore, crush of tentacles, displacement wave, even true faith censor or haunted cloak would have done the job.

    Hopefully if a similar event comes up it won't be the same problems.