Is it worth leveling all the basic PWs ?

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Hy there,

Played a lot of Marvel Puzzle Quest in the past, and after a long hiatus, I decided to try Magic Puzzle Quest, since I am a big fan of MtG.
The game looks and feel great, nice combination between MtG and Puzzle Quest.

I'm not sure though, if I should level all the basic planeswalkers or not. The first and only crystals I spent were on Jace, Chandra, Gideon (1) and Lili.
I leveled Nissa to 23 and Chandra to 31 (since she is my favorite for a long time).

My goal now is to get some cards to update my deck(s). So I want to play with all of them to gain crystals to buy the big box (600g). But I may require to upgrade Jace, Gideon and Lili too. Should I do it, or there is a better way to gain more cards ?

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    In my opinion, one can already have a playable Planeswalker at level 30 and a good one at level 40. The common wisdom is to level the Origins 5 to level 51 to get the first ability to level 4.

    Jace is the weak link, but with good card quality you can have a competitive deck. Replacement as the blue Planeswalker would be Kiora or Saheeli Rai, the first one I don't know if it is still in the Vault and the second one can only be obtain through events (one coming soon). I don't know about Tezzeret, as I don't have any experience with it. With Jace i usually try to wait until he have his ultimate, so very control-oriented Walker.

    Liliana gains a lot from the vampires/madness in SOI, but his usually used in control or reanimation strategy.

    Gideon have access to good removal (Silverstrike, Smite the Monstrous) and also good creature (thinking War Oracle+Serene Steward) at lower rarity.

    Nissa should be used in ramp strategy, a very good planeswalker to start. (Smart choice from the devs here)

    Koth is the better red Planeswalker, but that doesn't make Chandra any less powerful. Her first ability+Volcanic Rambler can help have some kind of ramp by way of cascade. A lot of very good cards in red.

    In the end, I would advice you this: play and level the Planeswalker that you like, try as much card as possible, and have fun.