Allow fights within brackets

We should be allowed to attack people in the "your rank" tab. This would help the matchmaking system by giving us an easy way to attack others at the same point level and allow for some direct competition within the bracket.


  • Technically we are allowed, it's just hard to find someone from your 500 amongst all the players.

    A clarifying question: do you suggest that we should be matched only against other players from our bracket?
  • As Shikao said, you can already -- although they also have to be in your matchmaking "range" for whatever the system determines that to be. The intersection of those two groups is likely to be very small.
  • If they only allowed us to fight with people within our brackets, they would have to change the way they separate us into brackets. They could change it so that brackets are determined by timezone or overall average rankings, but I think it's fine the way it is. What really needs to be changed is the whole matchmaking system/point loss.
  • I meant in addition to the normal matchmaking screen. Just press the name on the 'your rank' tab and it opens up a battle against that person.
  • How about someone who is within 1 to 200 points of your rating that way when your defence fails against then you don't lose 30+ points to someone who is just starting the tournament while you're in 700+