Nahiri or Sorin

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I've already got a good collection of cards and can reliably do Top 25 in events. Now I was wondering should I save for Nahiri or Sorin?

Consideration are the following:

- Replacing Gideon, Koth or Ob Nixilis in the Nodes of Power event.
- Uses for side-objectives of the Shadows event.
- Which is the most useful for side-objectives in story mode. (Currently in the last part of Origins).
- Potential in QB. (Currently using Nissa, and levelling Koth).

I'm tending for Sorin now, but rumor has it that he might probably be nerfed.

What do you guys say?


  • Sorin is getting buffed, not nerfed. Nahiri is way stronger atm, but I don't know what changes will be made to Sorin. Currently, he is good only if you have lifelink creatures and use his third ability. Nahiri on the other hand works with everything.
    If you have the strong cards that give lifelink, go for Sorin, if not, Nahiri.
    But honestly, it's your choice, look at your cards and their abilities, imagine what deck you can make and how will they work and go with what's best for you.