Review from latest patchs

HySHyS Age Unconfirmed Posts: 10
Hey there being a while out the game, now I'm back I think it should be useful to all giving my opinion, for the users who read this, maybe if you want, just let your opinion below, and the stuff just to notice how good the game is right now.

Well, I have to say since last time, about a few months ago, the game improve a lot, but still have its bugs. The tournament was improved, most of it glitches, also de campaing mode is balanced and better. However, in my cellphone, when I want to enter to every single different screen, for example the shop, my team, the wish pit, or whatever just can't. Don't know if it only happens to me, I'm pretty sure that no. That's a big big bug.

Then I have questions:

How do I improve de rank skills of my characters if there's no food?

How do I get a gold character? Still only have the option with the pickles?

Are going to realease new characters in the near future?

When are you going to release the "alliance" option?

Thanks for your time! Just let me know your opinion below, bye!


  • MichaelresadsMichaelresads Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1
    Are those two different review types? And if so, do the stars work for all articles in one review type and none from another one?
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