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Which PW to get next

snow_leoparddsnow_leopardd Age Unconfirmed Posts: 37
I can get either Garruk, Gideon Ally, or Nahri. I have Kiora, Koth, and the five basic PW all maxed. Which one would you recommend, why, and what cards should I have to support them? My rares and mythic collection isn't that great.



  • pachapacha Posts: 26 Just Dropped In
    I think Gideon Ally is a good start, it is quite easy to build a "cheap" deck for him for example with Serene Steward (U), Kor entanglers (U), Retreat to Emeria (U) Ondu Rising (U) and swift Reckoning (U), you may fill with any white card you love.

    It was the first "premium" plainswalker i bought and i've had a good time with him. When you'll have Veteran Warleader and Lantern scout, he'll be very strong.
  • ReaganstormeReaganstorme Age Unconfirmed Posts: 334 Mover and Shaker
    Nahiri's first ability pumps all your creatures +1/+1 per rank for 9 loyalty. This is very cheap and easily repeatable. She works well with any set of creatures, especially the ones with lifelink.

    As with all dual-colour planeswalkers though, she takes twice as many Runes to level up.
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