Switching/Picking Covers Idea

I know a problem some people have, including myself, is having a cover for a character, but it is not the correct color/is an extra cover that you don't plan on using. My idea is a concept to fix this. For example, I have Captain America 3,4,4 and have two extra covers that would make it 3,5,5, but instead I want it to be 5,4,4. Well why not make something where if you have two covers of the same character, you can sacrifice them to make one cover of the color you want? Some sort of crafting option like in Team Fortress 2 is a good example for this. It doesn't have to be just 2 covers of course, maybe it could be 3, or even require some HP's in order to convert them, but this is just a concept idea that I came up with when I was faced with this problem. Different cover rarities can even have different requirements in order for the system to not be abused in someway. What does everyone think? Any improvements that could be made to it?