Where's the story in Story mode?

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I searched for this topic a lot so I hope I didn't miss it being discussed somewhere else already.

I don't know any of the storylines of the Magic universe, but I know there are rich ones.
The Story mode in MtGPQ isn't a story mode at all. There is no beginning, middle or end of anything. The opponents get progressively more difficult, different rewards per level and there's a line or two on the loading screen that has relevance to the coming opponent. Other than that there is no story to follow that takes one on a journey through the game, so it ultimately becomes a game of either fighting the AI or fighting other players.

I know some people don't mind this and in terms of difficulty for the developers it would be such a massive component to add to the game that I never expect to see a change. I would so love to be caught up in the stories of the Magic universes stories in this game.

Because I know there is so much richness to be found in the source material, I'm a bit disappointed that it's not being put to great use.


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    I too feel that this is a chance to engage the fans of the game with lore and story telling. Having a chapter for every set, even legacy, would present new content and excitement for all levels of players.