Civil War Returns! - New Event Details *Updated

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Hello, Civil Warriors!

On September 1st, the Civil War event returns. There have been a few updates made to the event - so, here's Demiurge_Anthony to tell lay out the fresh details (as always, subject to change before release):

"At 12:00 pm EDT, we will be running the Civil War Boss event. There are a few changes that we will be making to the event (please visit the FAQ page to see more information on the event).

Mystery Boosts
    o Starting will the Civil War event, all Critical Boost mission rewards will be replaced with Mystery Boosts. o When you receive a Mystery Boost, you have a chance to earn a random boost.
     Basic boosts (+1 AP in two colors, +20% Damage in two colors, Crit boosts) drop at around 10% each.  Premium boosts (+1 All AP, +20% All Damage) drop at around 2.5% each.

Powered-Up Characters

Civil War Rewards

Mission Rewards

Individual Rewards

Alliance Rewards

Civil War Stores
    o Team Cap and Team Iron Man Vaults
     80 covers
    • 1 Legendary Token • 1 Required Character cover • 2 random 4-Star covers • 3 required 3-Star covers • 19 random 3-Star covers • 10 required 2-Star covers • 44 random 2-Star covers

    o Civil War - Red Room Legendary Store
     10% chance for a Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)  90% chance at all 4-Stars  Additional Tokens can be purchased for 25 Command Points

    o Civil War Limited Vault
     Every player receives 1 free token  Contents
    • 1 Civil War Legendary token • 1 Quake (Daisy Johnson) Green cover • 3 Iron Man (Model 40) covers (one of each) • 3 Steve Rogers (Super Soldier) covers (one of each) • 3 Heroic tokens • 4 x 2500 Iso-8 • 6 x 1000 Iso-8 • 5 x 500 Iso-8 • 15 Random 2-Star covers

• Post Event Legendary Store
    o After the run of Civil War, Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) will be added to the Latest Legends packs o Iron Man (Mark XVLI) will leave the Latest Legends packs and enter the Classic Legends packs."

*Update: Individual and Alliance Rewards charts updated with more accurate info.
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