Reward for 100% completion on maps

I was expecting some reward for completing all the battles on a map 100% but it doesn't appear there is any incentive to do so (apart from the individual battle incentives of covers, iso & occasionally coins). I think it would make going back and 100%'ing all the battles more enjoyable if there was some incentive to do so (like a larger ISO reward of say 1000 iso or a uncommon/rare cover, etc). Rewards such as this are what makes a good game great.


  • I literally just logged on to make a post identical to this. I agree with OP. I was hoping for something special, but got nothing. I'm really enjoying the game though. I can't wait for more characters and hopefully maybe the implementation of items to make it feel more like Puzzle Quest (by adding more of an RPG element to it).
  • I agree that they need to add more features to the game, such as items or whatever they can think of that will work. It's still pretty early in the game's life so I have hope that they'll add some cool stuff besides new heroes and maps.
  • Good suggestion.