Decks for Terrors in the Shadows

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I wanted to share my decks, and hear from other people on what they played. As it is the first event I played since the first PvE Event. And I must say, I had a lot more fun.

Gideon, Battle Forged

Serene Steward(BFZ) - U(6)
Ghostly Sentinel(BFZ) - C(10)
War Oracle(ORG) - U(11)
Blessed Spirits(ORG) - U(13)
Knight of the White Orchid(ORG) - R(16)

Enshrouding Mist(ORG) - C(5)
Smite the Monstrous(BFZ) - C(8)
Scour from Existence(BFZ) - C(12)

Vessel of Ephemera(SOI) - C(3)
Port Town(SOI) - U(10)

This is basically a Steward shell, to which I simply added all the spirit and delirium cards I owned... I would be curious to hear what the people used to go well with the Spirits. (Tip: the spirit tokens from Vessel does count in the Spirit objectives.)

Ob Nixilis, Reignited

Kalastria Nightwatch(BFZ) - C(7)
Malakir Cullblade(ORG) - U(9)
Bloodbond Vampire(BFZ) - U(9)
Elusive Tormentor(SOI) - R(12)
Kalastria Healer(BFZ) - C(13)
Defiant Bloodlord(BFZ) - R(14)
Carrier Thrall(BFZ) - U(16)
Blood-Cursed Knight(ORG) - U(17)

Retreat to Hagra(BFZ) - U(4)
Shambling Vent(BFZ) - R(7)

This is my favourite of the three. MVP are Cullblade (thanks to Ob's ability), and Bloodbond Vampire and Bloodlord, which are enabled through the few Supports and Blood-Cursed. Does someone build the Vampire deck another way?

Nissa, Sage Animist

Honored Hierarch(ORG) - R(6)
Timberpack Wolf(ORG) - C(8)
Conclave Naturalists(ORG) - U(11)
Somberwald Alpha(ORG) - U(11)
Solitary Hunter(SOI) - C(15)
Duskwatch Recruiter(SOI) - U(19)

Natural Connection(BFZ) - C(3)
Scour from Existence(BFZ) - C(12)

Nissa's Pilgrimage(ORG) - C(3)
Sword of the Animist(ORG) - R(7)

In contrary to the Gideon decks, the few Werewolf are the goal of this ramp deck. Although there are only two werewolves, one can get them easily in play.

So what did you people play? What are the underused cards which synergizes good with the tribes and mechanics of SOI? I would like to work on the Color Mastery to go up from Bronze.


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