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Venom Bomb: Balance Changes

David [Hi-Fi] MooreDavid [Hi-Fi] Moore Age Unconfirmed Posts: 2,872 Site Admin
edited August 2016 in MPQ News and Announcements

The dev team have made a few tweaks to the upcoming Venom Bomb event that we hope you'll find enjoyable. Here are details from Demiurge_Anthony:
    "In the upcoming run of Venom Bomb on August 25th, we have adjusted the power of Carnage and Venom. •
    o In many instances, Carnage will have reduced power levels in his powers. Most notably, Carnage will not have the Symbiote Scythes power in any mission. o The Carnage Rules Power is limited to 1 power level.

    o In missions where Venom is part of a team that has Symbiotes in it, the Symbiotic Fury power will be limited to 1 power level."

Thank you and have fun out there!
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